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Trevor Says…

We decided the time had come for the three of us, Fergal, Max and myself, to create something that would take the market by storm.  Make people sit up, pay attention, take action an get results.

I said to Fergal “Look, if you can create something that doesn’t require our followers to do much work, and actually generates a serious amount of money, hands off…then we’ve got a winner!  A winner for us, but more importantly, a winner for our tribe!”

Fergal said “Yeah we can defo do that”

And so the 100k Alliance was born.

And we are so proud of this.  6 Months in the making.  Tested to death until it just can’t fail, and handed over to our tribe for them to get the results we’ve been getting.

Who else would tell you they’ll work with you until you get to $10k per month?

This really is something else.

And right now it’s at the very lowest price it will EVER be!  FACT.

So if you’re interested, don’t waste time.  You know this is a great investment in you and your future.

Join us now and lock in at this low price.

The 100k Alliance took 6 months to complete, ready to deliver to you, and is ready and waiting, just one click away from this page.

Here are some of the many reasons this is a total no brainer…


  • This is a DONE FOR YOU solution
  • You save years of learning, trial and error
  • You save thousands of wasted investments in programs that simply don’t work
  • You get to work closely with three Super Affiliates with $5 million under their belt
  • We have a fast track system to get you started on your way to $2,200 per month in 32 days
  • We’ll work with you, by your side until you reach that magical $10,000 per month figure
  • You’ll earn high ticket commissions with our  DFY funnel
  • No need to build your own offer
  • No need to do copywriting
  • No need to create sales pages
  • No need to to create sales videos
  • No graphic design skills required
  • No testing required – we’ve done all that for you too, so you don’t have to
  • No face on camera
  • No voice on microphone
  • We handle product delivery
  • We handle the support
  • Access to all future updates at no extra charge
  • You are grandfathered in at the lowest price regardless of how high we go
  • No extra charges – we host it on our servers
  • Private community for support, accountability and success


Due to Massive Demand, the Price for Entry to the 100k Alliance Will be Increasing Soon. Lock Yourself in at This Huge Discounted Rate Now $1,997 Just $497!

Unbelievable Bonuses and Upgrades Worth $2,979! Yours FREE!

Bonus #1 (Value $697)

I’ve decided for the next 10 people who join the 100k Alliance through my link, you’re in for a real treat. Because I’m giving away 10 spots to my Breakthrough VIP coaching program that currently sells at $697

Bonus #2 (Value $297) – The Art of Pimping

There’s something that I learned many, many years ago. And that is to take inspiration from what has already been created, rather than start with a blank canvas. Discover all my secrets that have lead to millions of dollars in sales.

Bonus #3 (Value $297) – Domain Pimp

They say that the secret to wealth is multiple streams of income. So when you join the 100k Alliance through my link, you’ll also get my awesome Domain Pimp program! This is everything you need to know to be able to buy domains CHEAP, pimp them and sell them for a massive return on investment.

Bonus #4 (Value $497) – Done For You Prodigy Bundle

Now this is a secret sauce that will explode your results with the 100k Alliance

In the Done For You Prodify Bundle you get access to a ton of high quality, award winning bonuses that you can GIVE AWAY! Yes, these bonuses are YOURS to give away to help you make even more affiliate commissions. I’ve always had to create my own (as I’m doing here right now lol), but we do it for you! There are also two giveaway rights included! So you can give away two of our high converting products for FREE, and when the “buyer” picks up any of the upsells, YOU get paid the commissions!

Bonus #5 (Value $197) – 100k Alliance TikTok Traffic

Want more traffic than you can shake a stick at? You got it! I’m also throwing in the 100k Alliance TikTok Traffic program, that will teach you a super simple free traffic strategy that you can get started on today to put your 100k Alliance results on steroids!

Bonus #6 (Value $497) – Product Launching Formula

Fancy launching your own product? No problem! With the Product Launching Formula you’ll discover our simple steps to launching, so you can make the transition from consumer to creator. Launching your own products is the key to massive success online, and now you can join us, for FREE, with this awesome training program!

Bonus #7 (Value $497) – High Ticket Closer

High ticket sales are amazing. One sale and you can earn more in a second than you’ve earned all week, and sometimes all month! And now for the first time ever, you can gain access to our secret High Ticket Closer program, so you yourself can enjoy some of those incredible commissions

Again, completely free today, when you buy the 100k Alliance through my link.

Join Today and I’m Also Going to Throw In the Following Bonuses…


Bonus #11 GeeDoc (Ferrari Level) $399
Bonus #12 The Affiliate Directive $497
Bonus #13 The Affiliate Directive Done For You Membership $147.00
Bonus #14 The Secret Super Affiliate Directive Membership $67.00
Bonus #15 The $22k Case Study Membership $67.00
Bonus #16 The Affiliate Directive Guaranteed Approval + 100% Commissions $97.00
Bonus #17 List Mastery $497
Bonus #18 List Mastery Platinum $497
Bonus #19 Affiliate Mastery 2.0 $497
Bonus #20 Commissionlicious $497



So you know exactly what’s coming, you’ll find the details of the upgrades below, as well as my special “extra upgrade bonuses” that you’ll receive when you buy them through this page.

Upgrade 1 ($297) – The Commission Bump

The first upgrade is very simple, yet VERY powerful. This is the commission bump. A one time fee locks in an increase from 50% to 65% on every single sale of the 100k Alliance that you make. This makes a massive difference to your results and is optional, but recommended.

Bonus for buying OTO1 (The Commission Bump) – The Intrinsic Masterclass (Value $497)

The course follows me in real time as I choose some PLR (Private Label Rights), rebrand it, pimp it, recreate it, set up the sale doc, access doc, launch it and mail it. You get to follow EVERY SINGLE STEP in this exclusive case study. Once you’ve completed this, you have all the knowledge you need to become a product creator and vendor yourself.

Upgrade 2 ($197) – VIP COACHING

The second upgrade is in my opinion a no brainer. For a one time for of just $197 you get to attend a live coaching each month, so you can get live assistance, guidance and support to get you making more money, faster! These calls are hosted on rotation by Fergal, Max and myself, who between us have notched up over $5 million online.

Bonus for buying OTO2 VIP COACHING – GeeDoc Ferrari Level (Value $399)

The SPECIAL-2 Page Google Doc CASH MACHINE (Ferrari Kit), which I’m currently selling at $399 will show you how to cash in big time using Google Docs. This is an incredible program that you will totally love, and is yours for free when you get the 100k Alliance Upgrade 2