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Let’s Face It…2020 Was a Bit of a Disaster!  And 2021 has been a challenge for many of us too.  So I Want to Make Sure YOU Have an Amazing 2021 and beyond!  

Recently I hosted a series of training webinars over a 4 week period, on which I revealed  exactly what I would do if I had to start over, from scratch, in order to work up to a $10,000 per month income, from the comfort and safety of my home, or anywhere in the world.  Now you can just copy my blueprint for success!

Remember, this is what I do for a living.  I’ve tested everything, and stuck with what gets insane results, and for the first time ever, I’m sharing what I would do if I had to start over!

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I will cover the first steps you need to take, the fast ways to make money as soon as possible, and how to scale this up to a $10k per month, work from home business.

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So over the 4 webinars, I reveal exactly what I would do right now, in 2021, if I had to start from scratch.

And, as I’ve never been one for wasting money on unnecessary paid tools, most of what I’ll teach you will not need any further investment.

At the end of each webinar you’ll be given homework, to ensure you are taking action and getting results.  My goal is to see you achieve success.


I’ve Generated Over a QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS in Affiliate Commissions…

And I’ve Figured Out What Works When it Comes to Making Money Online And I’m Sharing That With YOU!

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And As I’ve Always Been Fascinated by the Question “What Would You Do If You Had to Start Again?”, I Decided to Create 21 VIP, Which Takes It’s Name from the Year 2021!

Let Me Lift the Lid on EXACTLY What I Would Do If I Had to Start Again From Scratch!


These training webinars detail exactly what I would do if I was starting again, or what I would do if I was you.

Regardless of your experience, or level of success. If you’ve not made a penny yet, or you have but you want more, this training will be the perfect kickstart for you.

What I share with you is based on experience, after trying so many different things, and noticing what really works.

It’s also drawing from the VIP coaching that I’ve invested in, and therefore saving you a small fortune and a lot of time.

You know there will be zero BS

And everything I teach you will only ever be based on my experience and what I myself do to make a decent living online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never done anything like this before, and I’ve not really made any money online.  As a complete newbie, will I be able to understand what you are teaching?

A: Absolutely!  I always structure my training in such a way that we cover everything in an easy to follow format.  This is perfect for complete beginners and intermediates.


Q: I am already a member of your Breakthrough Program.  Will this be of any benefit to me?

A: Yes.  This is a separate training from Breakthrough, designed to be perfect for you, whether you are a Breakthrough member or not.


Q: I have your Intrinsic Masterclass program.  Is this any different?

A: Yes, this is completely different to Intrinsic Masterclass.  IM is a case study that follows me creating a product, whereas 21 is a series of 4 webinars that will reveal what I would do in 2021 if I had to start over, and therefore, what you can do if you want financial success.


Q: You usually charge $497 for your 4 week webinar programs, why is this so cheap? Is it really just $47 one time payment?

A:  I had to think carefully about how to price this as I wanted as many of my students as possible to get the chance to join me.  Therefore I have taken a bit of a chance and lowered the price down to just $47, one time payment.  I am also aware that things have been tough over the past year or so for a lot of people, and wanted the price to be as affordable as possible.


Q: Is there a refund policy?

A:  No.  Unfortunately there are a few people out there who buy with one intention…to access the information and then request a refund.  This is theft, and something that makes my blood boil.  If you think you may want to refund, then don’t buy it 😊