The  60 Minute Emergency Cash Strategy

Anytime You Need Money in Your Pocket…Just Use This System!

It Was a Little Over a Year Ago.  Lance Was Sitting in Starbucks, San Diego, California, and He Needed Some Emergency Cash…

He stumbled upon this very unique system that enabled him to buy domain names from as little as a dollar and sell them for up to $997 in as little as 60 minutes!  And he’s been able to do this time and time again.

Now, for the first time ever, this entire system has been condensed into one, amazing, and comprehensive training product.

60 Minute Flips is easy to follow, even easier to get results with, and is a lot of fun.

Launching Saturday June 2nd at 11am EST

Brought to You By Trevor C, Lance Groom (AKA Warrior 2008) and Gary Garnett

One of the Most Appealing Things We Can Discover Is a Genuine “Emergency Cash” System that actually works!

But it’s not often we find one that works in 60 minutes or less!

Lance Groom has just finished coaching over 90 students, 1 on 1, totalling in excess of 200 hours

And as a successful “super fast flipper” himself, he’s also made thousands of dollars, by literally turning on the cash tap when he needs some emergency cash.

And now for the first time ever, he’s recorded every single step of the 60 Minute Flip system, and we’ve compiled it into a slick member’s area that your buyers are going to love.

This business model is not only super effective, newbie friendly and fast to get cracking with, it’s also quite addictive and a LOT of fun!

Got Your Attention? Thought So!

This is a comprehensive and complete course on how to buy cheap domain names and sell them at a much higher price by doing what I call “in the moment marketing” and as little as 60 minutes.

My techniques are NOT widely known are unique in many ways that will help give you that “UNFAIR” advantage. Using my non traditional methods will put you in the best position to Increase your profit potential to make a lot of instant cash. Buying and selling domain names this way has never before been so exciting and profitable!

You will get to peak over my shoulder and watch a Live 1.5 hour one on one coaching call replay video. You will also get loads of individual training videos that take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way of buying, setting up your sales page and listing it along with my selling techniques.

The Sixty Minute Flips Funnel

The Front End is priced to fly at just $7.00 for the first 6 hours, on an Early Bird discount, and then will gradually rise.

OTO1 – $17

Advanced Case Study by Lance

OTO – 1 – Case Study – (4 Minute Flip) – Plus Unfair Marketing Advantages (How To Get More Sales)

OTO2 – $17

Instant List Building Strategies

OTO – 2 – Instant List Building Strategies – (How To Build Lists on WarriorPlus)

OTO3 – $47

Resale Rights

 Your list will get 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel

We’ve seen a lot of affiliates making a LOT of money with the resale rights to our products recently.

The Sixty Minute Flips Cash Contest

$1,500 Prize Pool

Speed Contest

1st Prize $500

2nd Prize $150

Main Contest

1st Prize $400

2nd Prize $200

3rd Prize $150

4th Prize $100

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