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My Insane “Spoil You Bonus Bundle”!


Prepare to to be SPOILED ROTTEN with this, my Spoil You Bonus Bundle to beat all bundles!


BONUS #1 My Pimpr Video Course – Copy & Paste My Success Story!

BONUS #2 My Pimpr VIP Coaching Webinar Replay – Week 1

BONUS #3  My Pimpr VIP Coaching Webinar Replay – Week 2

BONUS #4  My Pimpr VIP Coaching Webinar Replay – Week 3

BONUS #5 My Award Winning Course – Easy Traffic Magnet – (FULL COURSE)


Bonus Bundles Left Out of 100

7 Figure Masterclass is launching on Friday 17th November at 10am EST – that’s 3pm here in the UK

Welcome to my review of 7 Figure Masterclass


Before I tell you what this review is all about…

I just want to say, if you don’t buy this…you’re doing yourself no favours.

Secondly, if you don’t buy this through MY link…you a few grapes short of a bunch!  My bonus bundle is stupidly good, and is WELL WORTH you buying this just to get it!

But I know you trust me to be completely transparent, and deliver incredible value, and as such I expect you to…


  • Buy it
  • Buy it through my link


As always I have carried out a thorough review of this product, and unlike the majority…I actually Watched the Videos!

I’ve also over delivered on my Spoil You Bonus Bundle (as always) to make sure you get incredible value when you grab this through my link.

What even is it Trev?!?

  • All the top and budding affiliates (except me) went to Portugal
  • Ticket $200
  • Flights $600
  • Hotel $600
  • Food & Drink $600


I like you, decided to save the $2,000 and pay just $16.93 to get all the crucial stuff!


When I heard they were selling the recordings of the presentations that I’d missed, I was so, so happy!


I know from experience that seminars like these are always PACKED with pure golden nuggets for priceless information, and couldn’t wait to get my hands (ears and eyes) on it!


Marketing Alliance in Portugal (27-29th of October 2017)

All presentations were filmed and you will be able to get all the Unique & Exclusive content from that event, without having to spend Thousands of Dollars on tickets, fees and hotels.

Goes live on Friday 17 November at 10am EST (3pm UK)

PRICE: $16.93 first 4 hours, price bumps every 6-7 hours after that


Who presented?

Matthew Mintz – Webinar Breakthrough Strategies 33m54

Stefan Ciancio – Beyond Launching & Affiliate Traffic 29m11

Simon Harries – The Quickest Way to Internet Life! 42m05

Kimberly Hash deVries – Communication & Coaching 1hr03m05

Laura Casselman – Industry Changing JVZoo Feature Release 43m31

Michael Baptiste – Affluent Marketing 1hr13m19s

Danny Walsh – Funnels of the Future 57m34s

Q&A with Luke Maguire, Laura Casselman & Sam Bakker 42m13


This is a pure treat for you!

This is…

  • Honest
  • High quality
  • Unmissable

The presenters will not take a chance by delivering sub standard BS when they have a LIVE room full of fellow internet marketers standing in front of them!

Watch this stuff anywhere!

I appreciate your time is precious.

And if you’re anything like me, you hate to waste it.  Which is why whenever Mrs C asks me to do stuff around the house, DIY etc., you’ll always find me with my headphones in.

And 9 times out of 10 I’m Iistening to training or seminars!  TED talks, coaching.  Which is why 7 Figure Masterclass is a must for me, and I think should be a must for you too!


OTO1 $27.00

5x Exclusive Training Videos

Now this is one time that I would strongly recommend that you grab these too.

OTO2 $67.00

Resellers Licence

You know this is my favourite, but EVEN more so with this package.

Because it’s a LIVE SEMINAR recording, this training is VERY valuable.

I sell seminar DVD’s and I can tell you now, the Front End should be priced at $147 and the OTO2 at $197

What that means is, it’s underpriced during this launch.

And that means you have a licence to print money if you get the Licence Rights!

  • Virtually your own product
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars on development and branding
  • Save months of hard work
  • Keep ALL of the money – 100%!


So I do actually suggest you buy BOTH OTO’s

Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself, and then get VERY excited about how 2018 will look for you with this entire package to sell, day in, day out.

In fact – grab both through my link and I’ll give you a 20 minute 1 on 1 webinar to help you get started with how to turn your investment into regular profits!





Super Value Bonus #1

Discover exactly how I got started in this business, and copy and paste my strategies, as I teach you, step by step to do what I do!

This is my Pimpr Video Training Upgrade Course!


Bonus #2

Week 1 of of my VIP Pimpr Webinar Coaching Replays

Save yourself a small fortune and get your hands on my EXCLUSIVE Pimpr 3 Week VIP Coaching Series!


Bonus #3

Week 2 of of my VIP Pimpr Webinar Coaching Replays

Save yourself a small fortune and get your hands on my EXCLUSIVE Pimpr 3 Week VIP Coaching Series!


Bonus #4

Week 3 of of my VIP Pimpr Webinar Coaching Replays

Save yourself a small fortune and get your hands on my EXCLUSIVE Pimpr 3 Week VIP Coaching Series!


Bonus #5 – Easy Traffic Magnet! 19 Video Training Course

Discover this SIMPLE & FREE super powerful traffic hack in my 19 video training course that even shows you how to easily create your own products too!



Launch Jacking – FULL COURSE by Jono

Get sales and traffic for free by using this awesome method – launch jacking.

You will learn how you can “hijack” your way to success, making regular cash commissions with no list!


#1 Full and FREE Access to my EXCLUSIVE Pimpr Video Training Course ($47)
#2 Pimpr VIP Coaching Webinar Week 1 ($97)
#3 Pimpr VIP Coaching Webinar Week 2 ($97)
#4 Pimpr VIP Coaching Webinar Week 3 ($97)
#5 Easy Traffic Magnet – 19 Video Training Course ($47)
#5 Full and FREE access to Lazy Profit Explosion ($37)

Total Real World Value $422.00



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