Well I’ve NEVER Seen Anything Like This Before!  Incredible System for Making FAST Money Online as Soon As TODAY! And You’ll Get This for Just $12.95 Plus My New Product Side Cash Plus a Massive Bonus Bundle!

7 Min Sales Machine in a Nutshell


This is an interesting one for sure!  I have to say pretty much all of the content in here is new to me, and that’s saying something, given how many courses I get access to, and how many I review.

In a nutshell, this course reveals how Frankie is making a regular amount of money online using CPA networks.  That in itself doesn’t sound new, right?  Well it’s the way he does it that’s clever.

He’s tapping in to a market place that has huge demand, and isn’t actually providing anything.  He simply gets them super juiced and then sends them to a link where they can get more info.  He doesn’t have to do anything but receive commissions for sending them there!

Super simple, super effective and super clever.


My 7 Min Sales Machine Review

Recurring Profit Machine Bonus Bundles Remaining

7 Min Sales Machine Summary


This is a brand new INFO product that will show you how to make some good money from CPA offers. We say “Brand New” because the traffic sources used for this method have NEVER been seen before and work AMAZINGLY well for CPA offers.

While it’s unlikely that you will make THOUSANDS per day using this method, $80 – $100/day is easily achievable and can help you get your business off the ground.

The traffic sources used are still 100% fresh but may get saturated within the next 4 – 6 weeks so it’s important to jump on this while it’s burning hot.

Frankie Pellegrino is the pioneer of these brand new exciting traffic sources and CPA method. Inside the course he will show you how to implement the method (which takes less than 15mins), via simple, newbie-friendly, step by step training videos.

Check Out the Upgrades! (OTO’s)


OTO #1: 7min Sales Machine Done For You ($47) – The FE of 7min Sales Machine includes all of the required training to help you start earning an easy 3-figures per day BUT it does require some research and effort to create the landing pages and link up all of the offers. In this upgrade Frankie has done all of the work FOR you which includes:

– Done For You landing pages
– Done for you offers
– Done for you funnels

OTO #2: 7min Sales Machine “Advanced Training” Hacks ($67) – In this upgrade Frankie “Spills the Beans” and shows you all of the advanced ‘tips, tricks & hacks’ that he’s used to scale this method. These advanced simple strategies are reserved for customers who want to take this method seriously and exploit the traffic sources to the MAX before they get saturated.

OTO #3: “The Ultimate Traffic Package” ($197) – Over 7 Hours worth of video training on: Adwords, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads & SEO.


We’re allowing buyers to place their pixels on our sales pages for 365 days to gather a HUGE Adwords or FB audience and take advantage of re-targeting to a lazer targeted audience while getting penny clicks

OTO #4: Licence Rights to sell “7min Sales Machine” as their own product ($167) – This product has taken months to develop / create and thousands of dollars have been spent creating all the sales material. Buyers of this up-sell can enjoy 100% commissions on this awesome high converting funnel while we handle the selling and support.

OMG! How Do I Keep Coming Out With These Crazy Exclusive Spoil You Bonus Bundles?

Bonus #1 Side Cash!

Brand New Exclusive! 


It’s always difficult to decide how to come up with an irresistible bonus when I’m promoting a product like 7 Min Sales Machine, as this is so different to anything I’ve seen before, and not something I personally have experience with (yet!).

But I’m pretty sure I nailed it with this bonus for you!

Side Cash is kind of similar to 7 Min Sales Machine, as it also harnesses the immense power of a huge site in order to bring guaranteed, laser targeted, high converting traffic.

In this brand new, never before seen course, I will reveal to you a completely new strategy that NOBODY IS TEACHING and NOBODY has seen before.

This strategy is 100% NEWBIE FRIENDLY and you can get started right away.  

It can also be scaled up to quite a considerable amount, or just used as a side income.  The choice is yours.

You can’t buy Side Cash.  

The only way you can get your hands on this is to buy 7 Min Sales Machine through this page.

Bonus #2 INTRINSIC…the Blueprint to My Business!

The Missing Piece of Your Puzzle!

When I first started looking closely at what the successful affiliate marketers were doing online, it suddenly struck me that there was a common denominator among all of them.

They were all product creators as well as affiliates. One week they’d be at the top of the leader-boards as an affiliate and the next they’d be launching another product. It’s not rocket science.

I just followed their lead. And now you can follow ours.

But we’re doing something different for you here. We’re going to show you the fastest and most easiest way to success, without even having a website!

Bonus #3 INTRINSIC…the Done For You OTO!

The Done For You Upgrade

Well how about that?

I’m not only giving you the blueprint to my business in INTRINSIC, I’m also giving you the Done For You Upgrade!

This will enable you to get off to a flying start with INTRINSIC, and help you to make super fast progress when it comes to making money online.

The content in this upgrade must NOT be shared.

It’s for your use only, when you buy 7 Min Sales Machine through my link.

Bonus #4 INTRINSIC…the Email Ninja OTO!

Ninja Email Marketing Video Upgrade

By this stage you are probably thinking this is all just a bit too good to be true!

Well let me tell you it is true.  I am also giving you my INTRINSIC OTO2, totally free when you buy 7 Min Sales Machine through this page today.

In this exclusive upgrade you will discover all of the clever tips, tricks, hacks and strategies that I use on a daily basis to make sure my email marketing is delivering the very best results possible, and that I stay at the top of my game.

And this is yours instantly along with the other bonuses, free.

Bonus #5 INTRINSIC…the Full Pimpr OTO!

Pimpr VIP Masterclass Upgrade

This is a $97 upgrade, and should be the icing on the cake for you!

I’m giving you FULL access to my Pimpr VIP Masterclass Upgrade, in which I will teach you the fastest and easiest way to “pimp” any piece of PLR and potentially turn it into thousands.

This is exactly how I started when I went full time into internet marketing, and the strategies taught in this course are still used by me every week.

If you had any doubts about picking up 7 Min Sales Machine, this one bonus alone should be enough to push you over the edge!

Greedy Bonuses!


OK, I know you love to be spoiled rotten, so I have decided that even though the bonuses above are more than enough, I’m going to spoil you a little more and add some “greedy bonuses”.  These are to fill that void that you sometimes get, even when you’ve had enough…but you just “need” a little more!

So the first 100 buyers will also get this Greedy Bonus Bundle 🤪

All Your Bonuses are Ready and Waiting for You Inside Warrior Plus But ONLY When You Buy Through This Page


Q) OK, this all seems a little too good to be true, so I need to get some clarification here Trev!  Exactly what do I get if I only buy the $12.95 main front end product?

A) Great question!  Let me summarise the whole bundle for you…

Bonus #1 Side Cash! Brand New Exclusive!
Bonus #2 INTRINSIC…the Blueprint to My Business!The Missing Piece of Your Puzzle!
Bonus #3 INTRINSIC…the Done For You OTO! The Done For You Upgrade.
Bonus #4 INTRINSIC…the Email Ninja OTO!Ninja Email Marketing Video Upgrade
Bonus #5 INTRINSIC…the Full Pimpr OTO! Pimpr VIP Masterclass Upgrade.
Bonus #6 Affiliate Profit System – My comprehensive guide to pretty much everything you need to know to become a sucessful affiliate marketer.
Bonus #7 Recurri – How to create a recurring income product without a website.
Bonus #8 Traffic Cashifier – How to turn your traffic into cash.
Bonus #9 Commission Impossible – How to get affiliate commissions using free traffic
Bonus #10 Tube Dollars – How to generate a regular income from YouTube
Bonus #11 How to Make Money on Fiverr – ermm…name kinda gives you a clue.
Bonus #12 Facebook Messenger Deluxe Video Package – How to cash in with the Facebook Messenger
Bonus #13 Instaffiliate – How to make affiliate commissions on Instagram
Bonus #14 Your First $1,000 on Shopify – How to make your first $1k and more on Shopify

Don’t Hang Around! I Only Have 100 Bonus Bundles Available!


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