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Please take the time to watch my review video first.  My review video is the first one on this page.

The information on this page is extremely important, and can genuinely change your life.  For that reason I don’t want you to MISS A THING!

At this stage you should have enough information to LOCK IN YOUR SEAT

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Then please set aside some time to watch the FREE coaching webinar.  This will give you priceless insights into the way we operate our affiliate marketing business, and the 13 Golden Nuggets we reveal are yours to take away and put into action.

By now you should have no question in your mind that this is for you!  LOCK IN YOUR SEAT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Find a Way to Join Us Before All the Spaces are Taken!


Then you simply have to find a way to join us before all the spaces are taken.  We appreciate that even though we’re offering Affiliate Mastery 2.0 at less than HALF the PRICE of the first version, it is still higher than a lot of training that you’ve been offered.  But this one commitment could make ALL the DIFFERENCE to you, your internet business and your life!


URGENT UPDATE!  We now have a REPAYMENT PLAN option below!  Grab Affiliate Mastery 2.0 NOW for just $67.00!

My Review Video

Time to Get Serious!  Stop Wasting Your Time & Money on Lame Training That Will Get You Nowhere!

Watch Over the Shoulders of Two Super Affiliates and Discover the Blueprint to an Easy $100 Per Day

Latest Affiliate Mastery 2.0 Update

A quick personal video update from me for you! Time is running out now, as well as the spaces, so it’s getting close to becoming a “first come, first served” issue for the final new students who make it into AM2.0

Please don’t hesitate to LOCK IN YOUR SEAT

Now Watch The Coaching Webinar

It’s now time to watch the FREE coaching webinar, during which we reveal the 13 GOLDEN NUGGETS to making money with affiliate marketing.

We also reveal (LIVE) our latest affiliate commissions stats, so you can see that we really do know what we’re talking about!

Now Make a Change in Your Life…JOIN US!

We’re unlikely to get the chance to run another Affiliate Mastery until next year.  So if you don’t join us now, you’ll have a long wait!

Plus, we’re testing the price point at $197, and can’t guarantee that we won’t put it back up to $497 next time.  So, for the very best deal, you need to click the Buy Button right now!


Bonus #1 – 1 on 1, 24hr email support – Value $997.00

Bonus #2 – Access to the Facebook Mastermind Support Group – Value $297.00

Bonus #3 – Full access to 4 of our courses – Value $397.00

Bonus #4 – Bing Ads Mastery – Value $397.00

Bonus #5 – Brendan Mace’s How I Made $2,000 in 2o Mins – Value $397.00

Bonus #6 – Ben Martin’s Fast Track Profit Plan – Value $197.00

Bonus #7 – Turn 3 Books into 7 – Double Your Profits Value $197.00

Bonus #8 – Your OWN Bonus Vault! – Value $297.00

Bonus #9 – 20 Minute Skype Call With Paul! – Value $197.00

Bonus #10 – 20 Minute 1 on 1 Webinar with Me! – Value $197.00

Bonus #11 – Paul’s Affiliate Coaching – Value $497.00

Bonus #12 – Any 3 of Paul’s Products – Value $297.00

Bonus #13 – Facebook Messenger Access to Me! – Value $497.00

Bonus #14 – Personal Video – Your Question Answered! – Value $197.00

Bonus #15 – VIP Email Support – Value $497.00




All yours today for a small investment of just $197

Over $5k In Affiliate Commissions in One Month in Just One Account!

A Testimonial From an Affiliate Mastery Student, and Affiliate Marketer, Wendy Yohe

A Testimonial From an Affiliate Mastery Student, and Affiliate Marketer, Peter Sheldon

A Testimonial from Affiliate Mastery Student, Dean

A Testimonial from Top Affiliate Marketer, Winston Bromley

A Testimonial from Top Affiliate Marketer, Jonas Lindgren

A Testimonial From an Affiliate Mastery Student, and Affiliate Marketer, Tony Buh

Lock In Your Seat Now Before They Are All Taken, and Secure the Three Week’s Coaching!


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