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Best Deal:  To get the best deal, just jump straight in with a one off payment of $497.00.

$697 Extra Bonus:  If you choose the prepaid $497.00 option, I will set you up with the ability to give away 3 of my top courses FREE to your buyers as a bonus bundle when you promote affiliate offers.

So you can run a promotion and say “If you buy through my link you’ll also get [Product 1], [Product 2] and [Product 3] completely free!

Or Go For The Repayment Plan:  Or make things a little easier on yourself by spreading your investment over 4 easy payments of just $137 each.  The first one payable now, and then 3 more at 10 day intervals.

Pay just $137 today, then 3 more times to spread the investment.

An update on Affiliate Mastery, including more income proof and more bonuses!

Just a quick update for you on Affiliate Mastery, and to show you some more proof of my affiliate earnings.  Not to show off of course, but to demonstrate that I am qualified to coach you, based on my results.  I also show you the extra bonuses that you’re going to get!

I said I’d show you my new office at London Stansted…


Had my first day in here yesterday, and it was even better than I expected.  Such a professional environment, and perfect for allowing to focus, crack on, and be creative at the same time.  And a great team running the place too.

I Spent $4,345.59 on Training…And Am Going to Teach You What I Learned!

I’ve always heard successful people say one thing in particular, over and over….get a coach!  And let’s face it, coaching isn’t cheap!  In this industry you’re looking at $5,000 for an internet marketing coach.  Which is why Affiliate Mastery is such incredible value!  In this video I show you how I paid $310 a month for training for well over a year.  Was it worth it?  Hell yes!  Look at my results now!

How Long Are You Prepared to Ride the Shiny Object Pony, and Finish Each Year No Better Off Than You Started?


Look this is serious stuff.  If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve always got!  It’s as simple as that.  In fact, did you know that is the definition of insanity?

How do you expect to CRACK the internet marketing business if you don’t change your actions?  If you’re not already pulling in $100+ per day, then you are NOT achieving greatness as an affiliate marketer.  Sorry to sound harsh, but I need to get this through to you.

Trust me, I spent FAR TOO MANY YEARS playing at this.

It was only when I upped my game and invested some serious money and time that I started getting results, and everything began to change.  And now I am very fortunate to be in a position where I can pick and choose when I work, where I work, how hard I work, and to a certain extent, how much I earn!

And it’s always been my ambition to share my knowledge with as many people as I can, so I can make a genuine difference in people’s lives.

Introducing “Affiliate Mastery” – a 4 week VIP coaching programme that literally lifts the lid on what both myself and Paul Nicholls do in our businesses day to day in order to generate $100+ per day.  In fact some days we pull in way more than that, but we want to keep this real and achievable for YOU.

Affiliate Mastery Training Webinar (FREE)

This is Your Life Guys!  Not a Dress Rehearsal.

The Harsh Truth Is That Sand Will Continue To Drop!

The minute we are born, our timer is turned over.  And that sand continues to drop through the hour glass until the very last grain, and our time here is done.

Please DON’T WASTE ANY MORE TIME! This is your opportunity to make a REAL DIFFERENCE.  This is your time to shine.  Paul and I can’t wait to have you in our team.

Take a leap of faith, and let’s get working on your affiliate marketing business…for real.


Repayment Plan:  Or make things a little easier on yourself by spreading your investment over 4 easy payments of just $137 each.  The first one payable now, and then 3 more at 10 day intervals.

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