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NEW BONUS #7 – The Cash Magnets “Pitch Free” Coaching Call with Trevor & Jonas (Value $97)


Want to get the inside track on how two super affiliates crush it online using Cash Magnets?  

Well you’re in luck!  Because if you buy Cash Magnets from me through this page, you will qualify for a FREE seat on this $97 coaching webinar with me and Jonas!

And don’t worry, if you’ve already bought through me, the registration link will be added to the bonus access page!




ATTENTION: Would you like to start every month with $2,000 in passive income? Then you are in luck!  Because I am going to give you my exclusive training, Passive Income Machine as an additional bonus when you buy Cash Magnets through my link here.

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[CASE STUDY] How a Former Teacher Living on the Bread Line Was Able to Break Free From a Life He Detested and Live the Life of His Dreams…Pulling in Over $200 Per Day…Consistently!

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“USE ME AND GET RICH!” Well…maybe not rich lol, but this has allowed me to live the LIFE OF MY DREAMS, travelling the world, having fun, and basically bumming around while the money just keeps coming and coming!

Affiliatio is ready and waiting for you in Warrior Plus!

Bonus 1

My Top Secret Hacks for Cash Magnet 1

Bonus 2

How I Got 90% Conversions and Made $574.12 in 2 Days With This Cash Magnet Shortcut!

Bonus 3

My Ninja Hack to Sky Rocket Cash Magnet 3!

Bonus 4

Million Subscribers on YouTube!

Bonus 5

My Rocket Powered Free Traffic Solution for Cash Magnet 5

Bonus 6

My Own Passive Income Solution


Limitless Traffic
  • OTO 4 ($197) – Limitless Traffic – This allows people to siphon traffic off our sales pages with ad Pixels they can put on our high traffic pages.


Steal Cash Magnets
  • OTO5 Steal Cash Magnets AND SELL IT AS YOUR OWN PRODUCT $97
  • Keep 100% of Money: All money that you create will go directly to your PayPal account or Warrior Plus Wallet
  • Go Pro in Minutes: It takes a long time to create a product. “Go pro” and steal theirs in minutes.
  • They take Care of The Support: Keep all the benefits, hand the problems over to them.
  • Special Bonus When You Buy OTO5 Through This Page!  “How to Cash in With Licence Rights”

You Know How Much I LOVE to Spoil You Right?


Well this is one time that I am going to totally spoil you rotten!  And I have to admit, it’s going to be super easy to spoil you with this product, as passive income is something that is very close to my heart, as you will know if you’ve followed me for a while.

And so is making  money online.  So I have decided to pull together a complete Make Money Online package for you!

Details of this “spoil you bundle” will be added below, but until they are all there, just KNOW that this will be a BIG BOY BUNDLE!


Numbers Will be Strictly Limited to 100 on This Bonus Bundle…for Reasons That Will Become Obvious When I Reveal It

Amazing Cash Magnet SPECIAL OTO Bonuses!


For the first time EVER I am offering a VERY, VERY VALUABLE OTO Bonus Offer for you!


  • Buy ANY $97 product in the funnel and I will give you access to one of my $497 VIP training products!
  • Buy ANY $197 product in the funnel and I will INSTALL DIVI on your site AND give you a copy of THIS VERY review template for you to customize and use as your own!
  • Buy any TWO $97 or $197 products in the funnel and I will give you LIFETIME access to my flagship coaching program, END GAME!


You get these bonuses in addition to the incredible bonus bundle detailed below…


Bonus Bundles  Available


Bundles Remaining

CASH MAGNET BONUS #1 – My Top Secret Hacks for Cash Magnet 1


Cash Magnet #1 is called Funnels.  However, this is not a module on funnels as you may know it, but the funnels Brendan teaches you are email funnels.  These are the very core of our “make money online” business model, and when you crack them you literally crack the code to online cash.

So in this brand new and exclusive video training I will be revealing to you my Top Secret Hacks for Cash Magnet 1, and with this information alone you can get ahead of the crowd, and really take this strategy to the pro level.

CASH MAGNET BONUS #2 – How I Got 90% Conversions and Made $574.12 in 2 Days With This Cash Magnet Shortcut!


Cash Magnet #2 is called Reviews. In this module you will learn how Brendan and Jono, both with different styles, are able to crush affiliate promotions, so you are learning from the leaders here.

However, I’ve just created this exclusive and brand new video training that will show you a MASSIVE SHORTCUT that you can copy when you implement Cash Magnet 2, that brought me in an EXTRA $574.12 out of a $2,578.51 promotion of my own!

CASH MAGNET BONUS #3 – My Ninja Hack to Sky Rocket Cash Magnet 3!


Cash Magnet #2 is called Blogging. The name kind of gives it away, but I bring a different angle to this, revealing a very clever way to DOUBLE your results that you’ll get from Cash Magnet 3, in this exclusive and brand new video training.

I also show you inside my own blog and reveal some stats that I have achieved using my secret weapon (and I tell you what that is too!)

CASH MAGNET BONUS #4 – 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube!


Cash Magnet #2 is called YouTube. Brendan has achieved substantial success on YouTube, and has built a following of over 54,000.

And with that 54k he is able to get incredible results and earn a very impressive amount of money.  So just imagine what you could so if you had 1 million YouTube subscribers!  Discover how that can be achieved in this exclusive video training.

CASH MAGNET BONUS #5 – My Rocket Powered Free Traffic Solution for Cash Magnet 5


Cash Magnet #2 is called Traffic. Traffic is the life blood of our business.  If we can’t generate traffic, we are dead in the water.

But if you have no list and are literally starting from scratch, then how can you possibly drive traffic? Paid? Yes, but that can be expensive and produce poor results if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In this exclusive video training I show you step by step, taking you by the hand, to exactly how you can generate a ton of engaged, responsive, yet free traffic.

CASH MAGNET BONUS #6 – My Own Passive Income Solution


As Cash Magnets is all about recurring, passive income, I am going to share with you my awesome strategy for creating regular passive income from membership payments without a web site.

This strategy alone is worth it’s weight in gold and can literally change your life!

To claim your exclusive bonus bundle, please email with the words “cash magnet” and a copy of your receipt. 

Wow! Just ONE Small Cash Magnets Tweak and I Got a New Subscriber in Minutes!


Look at the time that I sent my message to Jonas – 14:25

Then look at the time my new subscriber came in…14:28!  Literally 3 minutes later!

This was as a result of implementing just ONE of the tips I picked up in Cash Magnets.

SET & FORGET…CASH MAGNETS24/7 Passive Income With FREE Traffic…

From the Laptop of Trevor

 15th October 2019



How about this, aye?

I’m writing you a letter!  And the beauty of that is I can say exactly what I need to say without worrying about the spam filters being triggered by simple words like CASH and PASSIVE INCOME.  And these are the things that I want to talk to you about.may

You might have seen some emails from me already regarding a new training course that was just released called Cash Magnets.

And I know a lot of you have already picked this up from me, but if you are among the those who haven’t, then I wanted to reach out to you and explain a few things about this.

But I will keep this brief as I appreciate your time is valuable.

Cash Magnets is a series of six ways you can make money online.

Six ways that Brendan makes money online and I use all six!

So what does that tell you?

Quite simply these magnets not only work, they are the core of my business, and they have been responsible for me making thousands upon thousands of dollars.

In fact yesterday alone I pulled in over $1,600 using a combination of FIVE of these 6 magnets.














These are genuine screenshots,100% verifiable, that I’ve just taken from my accounts as I write this for you.  And this is not to show off…but to show YOU.  To show you what is possible using these magnets.

Now I’m not saying you’ll make $1,600+ today if you pick up Cash Magnets through my link.

But what I am saying is this stuff works.  And the content in the course is more than enough to get you on the right path to be able to follow in my foot steps.  Regardless of what previous experience you may or may not have.

Plus I have some solid bonuses for you, that I have complied exclusively for this Cash Magnets promotion.  Three of these I personally recorded today at my home in the UK.

You can’t get these anywhere else, and they will enable you to get so much more out of Cash Magnets.  My bonus bundle includes more content than some courses you’ve bought in the past.  And you get it for free.

So don’t you think it’s about time you treated yourself to a gift?  A gift for the future.  For your future and for your loved ones.

This is the gift of knowledge.  Mine, and Brendan’s.  Mine you get for free, and Brendan’s will only cost you $12.95

That’s a crazily cheap price.  You have to admit.  And you will not be disappointed.  My bonus bundle access is ready and waiting for you in Warrior Plus.

Go straight to the sales page (and qualify for my bonuses):


Oh and also, I have some incredibly valuable, special OTO bonuses for this one too.

For the first time EVER I am offering a VERY, VERY VALUABLE OTO Bonus Offer for you!


  • Buy ANY $97 product in the funnel and I will give you access to one of my $497 VIP training products!
  • Buy ANY $197 product in the funnel and I will INSTALL DIVI on your site AND give you a copy of THIS VERY review template for you to customize and use as your own!
  • Buy any TWO $97 or $197 products in the funnel and I will give you LIFETIME access to my flagship coaching program, END GAME!


Do you know how close you are to success? Honestly you’d be surprised.  If you follow what’s in Cash Magnets and my bonus training, and you take action, you will get results.

So there you have it.

Pick you your copy of Cash Magnets here and qualify for instant access to all my bonuses.

All the best



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