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Hey Trevor here!

When I first started making money online, and before I went full time, I was fascinated by the concept of membership sites…because I could see they had so many uses/benefits!

If you can find a simple piece of online software that will generate a fully working membership site for you, with just a few clicks, then you suddenly have the ability to change everything!

However, back then, the software options available were expensive and unreliable, as well as complicated.

So when I saw CASHED, I was excited to see what I could do with it, and more importantly…what YOU could do with it!

Here’s what I love about CASHED…

  • You can build a fully operational video membership site in minutes
  • New members are subscribed to YOUR list
  • You don’t need to create any videos yourself
  • You can create a site in any niche
  • You can charge for access
  • You can charge a recurring fee, and simply top up the content each month (remember, without making videos)

Now the other thing is this.  If you have your own content, your own videos, then you can use this to create your own paid for membership sites full of your training.  And that will enable you to scale this to a full time income with part time work.

To twist your arm I have negotiated some extremely valuable bonuses for you too.  Full details are below.

But as always they are limited, so make sure you grab this deal as soon as you can.

All the best




Banking With Bonuses


Bonkers EXCLUSIVE CASHED Bonus Bundle!


Exclusive Bonus Bundle

This is a bonus bundle of two halves.

The first half is what you get when you pick up CASHED through this page.

The second half is what you get when you pick up any TWO OTO’s (upsells).


Main Product (Front End – CASHED) Bonus Bundle


AffiliSites PRO $23.97

AffiliSites OTO1 Unlimited $97.00

AffiliSites OTO2 Done For You $97.00

AffiliSites OTO3 Automated Traffic Flow $97.00

AffiliSites OTO4 Conversion Boosting Tools $67.00

AffiliSites OTO5 Bonus Page Builder $67.00

AffiliSites OTO6 Licence Rights $197.00

SPECIAL: My FAST CASH Webinar Replay (1hr18mins) ($497)

SPECIAL: Everything You Need to Know About Bonuses – Webinar Replay (1hr11mins) ($497)

SPECIAL: Super Fast – Adding Your OWN Product to Warrior Plus – Webinar Replay ($97)

SPECIAL: YouTube Monetisation – Webinar Replay $497

SPECIAL: YouTube Review – Webinar Replay $497

SPECIAL: How to Set up a Product & OTO’s on Warrior Plus – Webinar Replay $497

SPECIAL: Google ads and Bing ads profits – Webinar Replay $497


Main + Any Two OTO’s Bonus Bundle

All of the above, plus…

Commission Replicator $23.97

Commission Replicator OTO1 Unlimited $97.00

Commission Replicator OTO2 Done For You Funnels $97.00

Commission Replicator OTO3 Automated Traffic Flow $97.00

Commission Replicator OTO4 100x Tools $67.00

Commission Replicator OTO5 Triple Threat $67.00

Commission Replicator OTO6 Licence Rights $197.00

As well as…

Recurring Profit Machine PRO $23.97

Recurring Profit Machine OTO1 Unlimited $97.00

Recurring Profit Machine OTO2 Done For You $97.00

Recurring Profit Machine OTO3 Automated Traffic Flow $97.00

Recurring Profit Machine OTO4 Conversion Boosting Tools $67.00

Recurring Profit Machine OTO5 Bonus Page Builder $67.00

Recurring Profit Machine OTO6 Licence Rights $197.00

As well as…

Giveaway Profits PRO $23.97

Giveaway Profits OTO1 Unlimited $97.00

Giveaway Profits OTO2 Done For You $97.00

Giveaway Profits OTO3 Automated Traffic Flow $97.00

Giveaway Profits OTO4 Conversion Boosting Tools $67.00

Giveaway Profits OTO5 Bonus Page Builder $67.00

Giveaway Profits OTO6 Licence Rights $197.00


CASHED in a Nutshell


CASHED is a cloud based app that creates 100% Done-for-you courses/membership style sites using other peoples content/videos that you can legally monetize for leads, sales, commissions!  This clever app sets you up with multiple ‘profit factories’, each consisting of a lead generation page and monetized website.

The monetized website is essentially a membership style website, which is filled with videos from ANY YouTube channel or playlist.  Use this site to sell affiliate products, promote any offer of your choice and even have your own mini eCom store hooked up for added sales.

The software finds you awesome video content to put on your site, which is monetized with customizable offers & products.  So with CASHED, you build your list AND earn commissions at the same time.

CASHED provides you with a powerful 2-step DFY funnel Adds subscribers to your list AND generates daily fast cash.

Choose from multiple stunning lead pages to pack your list with targeted subscribers you can promote to long term.  Monetize visitors to your DFY sites instantly with irresistible niche offers.

Turn Stunning Content Made By Others Into Personal Gain!

ANY YouTube video with an embed code is yours to freely share in your monetized sites … and it’s 1-click simple to do.  It’s the only software that lets you grow your list while generating MULTIPLE income streams In ANY niche …Using OTHER PEOPLE’S videos and authority!

Here’s what’s to LOVE about CASHED:

All-In-One list building, passive income & traffic solution works in ANY niche

​DFY lead pages and DFY monetized websites optimized for conversions

​No expensive designers or copywriters needed

​100% pure profit system => included hosting & traffic mean zero overhead costs

​No content creation EVER => leverage premium content made by others, legally & ethically

Have FUN while making money! Customize your profit sites to entertain, educate or both

Fully automated => one-time setup for non-stop leads & commissions without any maintenance


​NO Email list or experience required


 Don’t Miss Out!

As always, I have strictly limited availability for my bonuses!

Please check the counter above to ensure availability.  If the count is higher than zero, you’re good to go!