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There was one part of Commission Cobra that I felt needed a little more ooomph! So I fixed that by recording some exclusive training for you.

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Welcome to my review of Commission Cobra

Quick, Thorough & Honest Review – Packed With Bonuses!

As always I have spent a good few hours going through this product to make sure it meets my criteria to promote!  And I’ve also put together one of the best “spoil you bonus bundles” you’ve seen this year from me! (You may have heard me say that before, but it’s true!)

So is this for you?  Well I certainly think so!

This is the latest training course from Dan Ashendorf, a fellow Brit, and yes he does pull in over $8k per year doing this.

Today I interviewed Dan, and was more than pleasantly surprised to discover exactly what you’re getting in this course.

“You can do this. I did! By buying training courses just like Commission Cobra” Trevor C

Well my interview reveals all, but…

It’s a full training course from Dan, where he reveals his blueprint for making money, in various niches, using various traffic and list building strategies.

And not all of his niches are the “make money online” niche!

You also get some software…

Dan is also including his super powerful Commission Cobra traffic software that retails at $97.00!
But that’s not all….

You’re also going to get 100 bonuses that you can not only learn from yourself…but GIVE AWAY to build your list and make more money as an affiliate!

This is AMAZING value! Honestly I am shocked by this one 😉


But don’t panic because I’ve got your back!

I felt that Dan’s training lacked a little in one particular area, or at least the magic dust that I sprinkle on my business that bring me in $10k a month.


Yep! Today I recorded my bespoke training to “fill that gap”

You’ll discover my magical tips & tricks that will put you ahead of the rest!  You can’t afford to miss this. And you won’t if you grab Commission Cobra through my link

What I like about this is Dan does some stuff differently.  He’s in different niches.  He diversifies.  And he makes a shed load of money!

And he shares all of this with us…

He has a nice way of teaching that you’ll love. Easy to follow. Zero chance of overwhelm. Just how I like it.

But aside from the training, the traffic generating software is awesome, and the 100 bonuses are just unbelievable!

You get a lot for your dough!

13 Case Study Base Training Videos showing how Dan pulls in a genuine 6 figures per month through Ninja list building and affiliate marketing.

Traffic Generation Software worth $97.00. Dan’s own unique “Commission Cobra” branded plug-in to drive traffic and increase commissions.

100 Bonuses, complete with graphics worth $2,000 – as part of the Front End – you will receive 100 high quality bonuses with their own bespoke graphics – perfect for affiliate promotions to start earning today!

And all starting at just $17.00! (for the lot!)

OTO1 is membership to Bonus Monkey $9.99

Bonus Monkey Club – 20 new bonuses each month, with their own uniquely designed graphics!

This can add some SERIOUS power to your affiliate promotions, and at just $9.99 per month you only really need to make one sale a month to cover it!

OTO 2 – $297

Bonus Monkey Members Area – Lifetime Subscription, including 2 in demand software – SociChief and Profit Canvas

Profit Canvas is HUGE – and is on sale right now at $497.00!

Check out the sales page at profitcanvas.com (but DON’T pay $497 for it!)

And Socichief would set you back $197…but you can’t even buy it now! It’s closed to public access!

Check out the sales page at socichief.com

OTO 3 – $97

My all time favourite…RESELL RIGHTS!
As you probably know by now, Resell Rights is one of my all time favourite upgrades!

You get to wake up with a business ready to go! Skipping all of the hard work and investment, and pocketing ALL of the cash!

Doesn’t get much better than that!

Especially at just $97.00

OTO 4 – $197

4 x weekly coaching calls with Dan’s “Weekly Niche Club” – including recordings of the last 10 sessions

Details of this are included in my interview with Dan.

In these coaching calls he finds a niche, finds the product, and shows you how to monetise it!

All live in front of your eyes.

And you get FOUR weeks of this one off low price!

So there you have it! My review for Commission Cobra by Dan Ashendorf

I love this package.  And it is a package.  Not just training, but software and a bonus solution as well!



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