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I Felt Enigma Was Missing Some KEY Ingredients…So I Made SHIMMER!


In Shimmer you will discover the unique and powerful way that I am able to drive my video posts to hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook, and generate thousands of followers in just a few days!

This as far as I can see is the missing ingredient that Enigma doesn’t have.  So using Enigma and SHIMMER you will get amazing results!

So go ahead and secure your copy of SHIMMER for FREE now, by buying Enigma through this page!

And of course you’ll get all my other amazing bonuses too!

Bonus #1 – SHIMMER (Value $297)

Yes! You will get my brand new training SHIMMER totally free when you pick up Enigma through me! When I went through Enigma, I was at a loss to see where the traffic would be coming from, so I decided to plug that gap with SHIMMER.

This training will show you the RIGHT way to use videos safely and how to get FAST traffic to them so you can cash in. I’ve used this system to generate posts that reached over 700,000 people, and got over 580,00 views! And ALL is revealed inside this brand new video training course which has NOT YET been released to the general public!


Bonus #2 How to Really Earn Money With Enigma (Value $97)

Brand New Video Training by Me for You! The FIRST thing that I noticed was MISSING in Enigma was how to make money from it.

So I decided to plug that gap with my EXCLUSIVE video training, teaching you how you can use ENIGMA to make money today. With my strategy you don’t need any tech skills, and you don’t even need a website!

Bonus #3 Affiliatio (Value $47)

This is an amazing training resource for anyone looking to start out in affiliate marketing. There is so much covered in here it’s insane!

Pretty much everything you need to know in order to get cracking as an affiliate online, and especially on Warrior Plus!

Remember, full access to this awesome course is ready and waiting for you inside Warrior Plus when you grab Enigma through this page.

Bonus #4 Affiliatio OTO1 (Value $47)

You will also get the OTO1 for Affiliatio!  This is an insane “spoil you bonus bundle” because you’re getting ALL of this when you just spend $12.95 for Enigma!

How you like to be able to GIVE AWAY two of our highest converting products for FREE as a bonus, or lead magnet to build your list?  Imagine what you could do with that? But wait…we have a special twist for you!

You give them away, and they automatically go into the sales funnel…and we bump you to 75% commissions throughout that funnel!

How easy is that going to be for you to make money?

Plus we will give you access to the Front End product and any advanced training upsells too! 

Bonus #5 Affiliatio OTO2 (Value $67)

This is the PERFECT companion for Enigma, because here you will learn how to scale your business using the power of Facebook Ads!

We discovered a very simple, clever way to scale our affiliate business and put our commissions on steroids!

We started testing Facebook ads. The more we tested, the better we got…until we had the system perfected!

Best of all guys, we have documented ALL that works in this VIP Video Training package, and you can take your affiliate earnings to the next level.

Bonus #6 Fiverrlicious (Value $47)

This award winning course is yours FREE when you grab Enigma through me. In here you will learn a crazily simple hack to cracking Fiverr and making fast cash!

The students in our Fiverrlicious Facebook Group are now making regular money after taking the training!

This is one of the most simple ways to get started online, and this Deal of the Day training course is yours today FREE when you grab Enigma through this page.


Bonus #7 Fiverrlicious Advanced OTO1 (Value $47)

You’ll also get the awesome advanced training to help you scale this up!

WARNING! You Are About to Discover Our Advanced Ninja Strategies!

This is Your ONE Chance to Grab Our ADVANCED “Middle Man” Fiverrlicious Arbitrage Blueprint!
And Potentially Pull in $50 to $100+ on Demand, as and When You Need it!


Bonus #8 Fiverrlicious OTO2 (Value $97)

This is my exclusive VIP training, currently selling at $97 and is yours free today.

This high ticket training will teach you the secrets of a super affiliate, and would normally set you back almost $100.  

But with this deal here today you get your hands on it immediately for FREE!

Just Two Years Ago I Was at an All Time Low! But Since I Went Full Time as an Internet Marketer, I’ve Turned My Life Around!

How Would You Like to “Sit With Me” While I Show You How I Went From Zero to Hero…and Teach You to do the Same?
Every Part of My Process is Included in this Exclusive Training!


Remember You Get ALL of the Above Bonuses FREE When You Buy Enigma Through This Page Today!

How to Make Sure You Are “Cookied” to Me and You Get My Bonus Bundle…

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