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Just Enter a Keyword & AI Creates 365 Days Of Marketing Automation Plan, High-Quality Social Media Content, Posts It, And Improves It On The Go Based On Your Audience’s Response With ‘Self-Learning’ AI

New AI App Builds And Runs Your Marketing Agency In 2024 While Creating, Scheduling, & Posting 365 Days Of Content In Advance – In Just One Click!  This is SO POWERFUL You Can Use it to Drive MASS TRAFFIC to ANY of Your Own Offers PLUS Charge Clients a Monthly Fee to Provide the Service


FE – FranknAI Commercial – $37 one-time
OTO1 – FranknAI PRO – $67 one-time
OTO2 – FranknAI UNLIMITED – $297/yr or $77/quarter or $697 lifetime
OTO3 – FranknAI Agency $197 one time
OTO4 – AI Repurpose Domination – $47 one time

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Bonus Bundles Left

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Full Details of This Offer


Front End $39

🠆 ​Import From Description or Website
🠆 ​Create 365 Days of Marketing Plans (90 Days for $32 license)
🠆 ​Add 5 Businesses (1 business for $32 license)
🠆 ​5 Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn
🠆 ​Direct Integration With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
🠆 ​Unlimited Integrations
🠆 ​Use One Of 5 Objectives
🠆 ​Frequency – Once a Week, Including Weekends
🠆 ​Auto-Generate Marketing Task Details
🠆 ​Auto-Complete Marketing Assets
🠆 ​Instant Calendar View
🠆 ​One-Click Generate More Tasks
🠆 ​Export Tasks (CSV)
🠆 ​Upvote/Downvote Assets for Improved Output
🠆 ​Includes Detailed Training

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OTO1 – FranknAI PRO – $67 one-time

🠆 ​Import From Audio or Document
🠆 ​5 Additional Businesses
🠆 ​Additional Platforms – Quora, Email, Ads, Blog, Telegram, Discord
🠆 ​Integrations – Telegram, Discord
🠆 ​Unlimited Objectives

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OTO3 – FranknAI Agency $197 one time

🠆 ​Unlimited Sub Accounts
🠆 ​Register Links Generator
🠆 ​DFY Business Website:
All Website Pages Created with content
Add Business Clients Testimonial
Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered
Custom PayPal Checkout Integration
🠆 ​DFY Sales Proposal
🠆 ​DFY Email Swipes
🠆 ​DFY Telemarketing Scripts
🠆 ​DFY Legal Contract
🠆 ​DFY Graphics Banner
🠆 ​DFY Business Cards
🠆 ​DFY FB Ads Creativity
🠆 ​DFY Rate Cards
🠆 ​DFY Letterheads
🠆 ​DFY Invoice


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OTO4 – AI Repurpose Domination – $47 one time

🠆 ​Creating An Email Sequence
🠆 ​Developing CTA & Follow Up Emails
🠆 ​Structuring Email Content
🠆 ​Crafting Benefits And Features
🠆 ​Published
🠆 ​Create Marketing Material To Get Leads & Sales
🠆 ​Creating A Sales Page Using AI Copywriting
🠆 ​Creating Bonuses
🠆 ​Developing CTA
🠆 ​FAQ
🠆 ​Finding Target Audience
🠆 ​Opening The Sales Page
🠆 ​Prices & Refund Policies
🠆 ​Testing And Optimizing

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Bonus 1 – AdSauce

Create your own simple ads using AdSauce. Within a few clicks, you can have perfect ads at your fingertips. Simply choose one of the 95 mind-blowing templates. Customize to match your product or service. Crushing Ads was never this simple!

Bonus 2 – Traffic Generating Resources

Make traffic generation fast and easy with this bonus. This will include training and strategies that will propel your business to the next level.

Bonus 3 – Instagram Zero to Hero

Instagram has been a go-to source of income for me when I’m tired of FB ads. In this training I’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to start a profitable Instagram page from scratch and grow it to monetisation level. You can use these tips to grow multiple accounts simultaneously.

Bonus 4 – Content Repurpose Guide

When you repurpose your content, you can yield more output with the same amount of input, while maintaining quality. This saves you time so that you can work on new marketing ideas and attend to other aspects of your business. This guide will show you how easy is to create endless content.

Bonus 5 – Money Magnet Prodigy

Full access to our latest release, Money Magnet Prodigy.  A full video training program/membership site. How We Use a FREE Traffic Hack to Pull in $267.32 Per Day, While We Sleep! For the First Time EVER We Are Handing You Our Free Traffic Cash Cow So You Can Tap Into Our Traffic Source


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How to claim this bonus bundle

Purchase via this page, checking that you are cookied to me on the checkout page (on the right)

To access your purchases please login to your JVZoo account, then click on your purchases to access those and your bonuses.


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What FranknAI Can Do for You and Your Clients


✔ Increasing Brand Awareness: Increase familiarity with your brand among your target audience.

✔ Achieving a Certain Level of Sales: Reach your targeted revenue or sales volume goals.

✔ Attract a New Customer Segment: Expand your customer base by targeting new demographic or geographic markets.

✔ Increase Customer Loyalty: Strengthen relationships with existing customers to encourage repeat business.

✔ Improve Public Perception of the Product or Brand: Enhance how the public views your product or brand.

✔ Improve Customer Satisfaction: Address and fulfill customer needs and expectations more effectively.

✔ Increase Market Share: Capture a larger share of the market from competitors.

✔ Expand to New Markets: Enter new markets with your existing or new products.

✔ Promote a New Event, Product, or Service: Draw attention to and generate interest in new offerings.

✔ Increase the Efficiency of Marketing Campaigns: Streamline marketing efforts to maximize return on investment.

✔ Generate Qualified Leads: Attract potential customers who are more likely to make a purchase.

✔ Influence Purchasing Decisions: Guide potential customers towards choosing your products or services.

✔ Improve the Conversion Rate: Convert a higher percentage of prospects into customers.

✔ Reduce the Churn Rate: Decrease the rate at which customers stop doing business with you.

✔ Increase the Number of Subscribers: Grow your subscriber base through targeted sign-up incentives.

✔ Optimize Cost per Lead: Lower the cost of acquiring leads while maintaining or enhancing quality.

✔ Create a Positive Company Image: Build a favorable reputation and strengthen your brand identity.

✔ Reduce the Sales Cycle Time: Shorten the time from initial contact to closing a sale.

✔ Improve Customer Retention: Keep existing customers engaged and committed to your brand.

✔ Develop Strategic Partnerships: Form alliances with other businesses to extend market reach and resources.

✔ Increase Website Traffic: Drive more visitors to your website through optimized content and marketing.

✔ Venture into New Marketing Channels: Explore and utilize new channels to reach and engage audiences.

✔ Improve Customer Engagement: Foster greater interaction and engagement with customers through various platforms.

✔ Increase the Number of Referrals: Encourage current customers to refer new clients through incentives.

✔ Correct Dissemination of Product/Service Information: Ensure accurate and effective communication of your product’s features and benefits.


Who Could You Do This For?


  1. Restaurants and Cafes
  2. Boutiques and Retail Stores
  3. Fitness Centers and Gyms
  4. Salons and Spas
  5. Real Estate Agencies
  6. Medical and Dental Practices
  7. Event Planning and Catering Services
  8. Art Galleries and Studios
  9. Auto Repair Shops
  10. Pet Services (Grooming, Veterinary, Boarding)
  11. Travel Agencies
  12. Home Improvement Services (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC)
  13. Educational Centers and Tutoring Services
  14. Local News and Media Outlets
  15. Photography and Videography Services
  16. Florists
  17. Bakeries and Pastry Shops
  18. Bookstores
  19. Health and Wellness Centers
  20. Craft Stores
  21. Consulting Services
  22. Cleaning Services
  23. Legal Firms
  24. Non-Profit Organizations
  25. Childcare Centers
  26. Music Schools and Studios
  27. Outdoor Adventure and Sports Equipment Shops
  28. Antique Shops
  29. Technology Repair Services
  30. Local Theaters and Performance Venues