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My Insane 8 PRODUCT “Spoil You Bonus Bundle”!


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BONUS #1 My Super Hack on One of Kevin’s Methods (NEW)

BONUS #2 My Pro Tips for Getting Approved to Promote (NEW)

BONUS #3 My Pro Tip for a FREE HD Microphone (NEW)

BONUS #4 My Pro Tips for Reviewing Products (NEW)

BONUS #5 Commission Blueprint – (FULL COURSE)

BONUS #6 Launch Jacking – (FULL COURSE)

BONUS #7 Solo Ad List Building Profits – (Video Training)

BONUS #8 Guaranteed Approval to Promote SKWEEZY! (Finally you can get started!)


Bonus Bundles Left Out of 100

This Launch Ends on Sunday 19th November at Midnight EST

Welcome to my review of Genesis


As always I have carried out a thorough review of this training, and unlike the majority…I actually Watched the Videos!

I’ve also identified how I can add massive value for YOU, and I’ve recorded 4 extra training videos that you won’t want to miss out on!


But first…is this for you? Yes, and here’s why…


1/ If I had the time – this is the course I would put together!
2/ So for now, it’s as close as you can get to me training you
3/ The course is a complete guide to successful affiliate marketing
4/ Kevin is the real deal, and holds nothing back
5/ My exclusive bonuses will make ALL the difference to you and make this a total no brainer

What is Genesis?


~ The EXACT blueprint that Kevin Fahey uses on a daily basis
~ Affiliate Marketing 101
~ 4 modules of training totalling 3 hours of videos
~ The result of 10 years of experience in the business
~ Kevin teaches the methods that actually work
~ A proven system for affiliate marketing
~ The tools, the strategies…all step by step


What Are The OTO’s?


OTO1 DFY Campaigns $37

Done for you is always a great option!

OTO2 Licence Rights $97

My favourite!

Save thousands and get your own entire product funnel – keeping 100% of ALL the money you make!

OTO3 Brendan’s Personal 1 on 1 Coaching $2k

Pricey – but if you feel you’re at that level where 1 on 1 is what you need right now, then why not?

Brendan is totally smashing it in the affiliate marketing world!

OTO3 Downsell $197

I love this one.


Brendan’s digital coaching. Your customers get Brendan’s coaching materials. “They log-into the members area and go through the trainings. They do not get access to Brendan”

Save $1800 😉



My Super Hack on One of Kevin’s Methods!

I realised that I was doing something pretty clever that Kevin didn’t teach in Genesis, so I thought “hey why not show you guys?”

This hack will not only keep you organised, it will enable you to 10x your earnings, and turn you into a super organised, super affiliate who kicks some serious ass!


My Pro Tips for Getting Approved to Promote

If there’s ONE THING that will put the brakes on your success as an affiliate marketer, it’s getting approved  to promote other people’s products!

It’s like a vicious circle.  If you don’t get approved you can’t make sales.  If you can’t make sales, you won’t get approved!

So you NEED this bonus, as I will share with you my pro tips for dramatically improving your chances of getting approved every time!


My Pro Tip for a FREE HD Microphone

You can spend over $300 on a fancy microphone when you get started in affiliate marketing, but let me show you how I have made tens of thousands of dollars with a “free HD mic” that produces extremely high quality results and will save you a small fortune.


My Pro Tips for Reviewing Products

I must be doing something right…I’ve pulled in over $10k in the last 30 days.

So I think I’m qualified to teach you what I know!  And in this training I will show you the FREE tools that I use in order to produce my profitable reviews.  Packed full of tips, you really don’t want to miss this one!


Commission Blueprint – FULL COURSE

“WANTED: Complete Newbies Who Want To Generate At Least $500 In The Next 7 Days Or Less”
(Even If You’re A Broke Struggling Newbie)
Follow Our 100% Newbie Friendly Winning Formula That Has Contributed To Over
$500,000 In Affiliate Commissions Inside My Internet Business In The Last 18 Months





Launch Jacking – FULL COURSE by Jono

Get sales and traffic for free by using this awesome method – launch jacking.

You will learn how you can “hijack” your way to success, making regular cash commissions with no list!



Solo Ad List Building Profits – Video Training

Discover this cool way to turn solo ad traffic into profits without creating your own product. If you’ve always been curious about solo ads, but simply thought they didn’t work, then you will LOVE this!



Guaranteed Approval to Promote SKWEEZY!

Whooooaahh!  Really?  Yes, lol, really!  I’m giving you 100% Guaranteed approval to promote my top selling product SKWEEZY!

This is worth a small fortune to you if you’re just starting out, because getting approved to promote products is the vicious circle that so many budding affiliate marketers simply can’t get out of.  But now all that is changing!  Because with SKWEEZY priced at just $1 on the front end, your sales will soon fly and you will fast build up a solid reputation in Warrior Plus as a successful affiliate!

Use the Button Below to Buy Genesis at the Best Rate and Lock in This Incredible Bonus Bundle!



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