Newbie-Friendly, Cloud Based Software Creates High-Quality Info Products You Can Sell In Just 60 Seconds…Super Simple Three Step Formula To Generate eBooks & Lead Magnets In Under 60 Seconds!

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What if you could create as many unique ebooks as you wanted, give them away, and sell them, and do it all in 1 minute each?

This is a total NO BRAINER!  Especially with my EXCLUSIVE BONUS!  It’s worth buying Instant Product Lab just to get my bonus! 😉  And the software itself is so, so easy to use, as you can see in my review video.  This is TOTALLY NEWBIE FRIENDLY and you can be churning out products within MINUTES of grabbing it!

If you don’t grab this software, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you!  Don’t miss out!

Your Questions Answered on Instant Product Lab

I had an email from Priscilla on my list, and she asked the following questions:

  1. You mostly read titles on Internet marketing that’s being offered here. Are there ebooks on dating, weight loss, investing, etc? is the content totally editable? Answer: There are hundreds of thousands of PLR content products in the software in every conceivable niche, as I demonstrate in this video.
  2.  You say all these PLRs are totally safe to use. I guess it all comes down to the reputation of the people are are putting this out. Answer: I have verified with the product vendors that all 250,000 are PLR, and you will have zero issues rights.
  3. Another obstacle I have is the techie stuff. How do you connect the cover to the ebook? Answer: This is REALLY SIMPLE.  You just add the ebook ecover graphic to the “pre-content” as I demonstrate in my video.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please ask!

Product Creation is Not Easy…Unless You Have Instant Product Lab (through my link!)

This is easy, easy, easy, easy!  And with my bonus you can also make it look hotter than the hottest ebook you’ve seen!

Buy Through My Link and I Will Give You 45 Professionally Designed eCovers For You to Edit to Your Heart’s Content….COMPLETELY FREE!  That’s $1,800 of Professional Artwork in PSD Format – YOURS FOR NOTHING!

So Get Ready to Totally Pimp Your New Ebooks With This Exclusive MEGA BUNDLE of Editable Ecovers – Yours 100% FREE When You Grab IPL Through My Link!


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