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The Story of the Student and the Mentor


About 6 months ago this student (Mark) started working on a new strategy that he’d learned from his mentor (Andy), to enable him to begin a journey to massive success.  But at the time he had no idea it was going to be anywhere near this successful!

The student studied his mentor’s teachings, and applied them diligently.  He then began to test his own take on the process, and between the two of them they developed what they call the “PVF”…the secret underground process that they have perfected.

As each month passed, the student began to witness virtual miracles!

His income was growing and growing…yet his work load was decreasing.

It was about this time that I was chatting to his mentor, and he’d told me that he’d taught his secret method to one of his students…


As You Can Imagine I Was Getting VERY EXCITED By Now!

Our Chat Continued…


I mentioned that I was astonished at what the student had achieved.

I had seen the student crushing my launches, but even more astonishing he was driving sales EVERY SINGLE DAY to my products that had launched months ago.

Then when I began to dig a bit more, I discovered that the mentor was doing the same!


What The Heck?


Stuff just got real!

It was at this point that the mentor began sharing with me his secret recipe.  The PVF

I was on Facebook Messenger with him, frantically copying from messenger to notepad as he revealed golden nugget after golden nugget.

And then we discussed the possibility of going public with this.


So What Kind of Damage Can You Do With This Weird Yet Simple Strategy?!

Well Take a Look at Just One Offer That They BOTH Used the SAME System On!  And at the SAME Time!


The Student AND the Mentor Both Managed to Crush the SAME Offer at the SAME Time!


Between Them They Pulled in 633 Sales and $9,399.53 in Revenue on Just ONE of the Products They Applied the iPassive System To!


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