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How Would You Like to Discover the Easiest and Fastest Way to Create an Email List that Banks Thousands?

What if You Could Build a List in the Next Few Days that Made You Money for the Next Few Years?

Well it’s possible you know!

And having a buyer’s email list is the most powerful tool you can have if you want to make money online.  It literally is “click send…make money”

In fact, I wouldn’t be over hyping it if I said that with the right list you have “push button riches” at your finger tips!

I remember the excitement I felt with my first real list.

My daughter was very young, and not interested in “Dad’s work”, but I said to her, “Watch this. I am going to press send, and by the time we get to the gate, I will have made money”  I then pressed send, and we left the office, and by the time we got to the gate, which was about a minute away, my first affiliate commission came in!

Unlimited Traffic Means Unlimited Subscribers!


But what if you could CONSTANTLY build that list?  Every day, on autopilot.  Always growing, increasing your daily affiliate commissions as the subscribers flowed in!

And what if there was NO LIMIT to how big you could grow that list?  Just think about that for a moment.

Well that’s what is so exciting about ListProdigy!  You can!

You can constantly build your list with a never ending flow of unlimited traffic, while sending affiliate promotions each day to not only cover the cost of that traffic, but make you a handsome profit!


Unlock the Power of Passive Income with Your Very Own Ultra Lucrative Email List!

Usually I would teach you to build a buyer’s list by becoming a vendor, and creating your own products.  But this is a much easier and faster way to get sustainable success online.

You see inside ListProdigy you will be taught by a very successful affiliate marketer, who just so happens to also be one of my first mentors!

Fergal Downes has been working away quietly in the background, perfecting the blueprint to a system that works so well, it’s astonished me!

In fact (100% truth) when he showed me his training, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in myself!  It’s that good!

Learning how to build a list is one thing, but learning all the secrets to setting that list up the right way, and maximising your earning potential in the process…well that’s priceless!

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Here’s what you get with ListProdigy


  • Instant access to a full membership site, complete with simple to follow “over the shoulder” videos
  • Training backed by years of trial and error, and high ticket coaching
  • The full system that we use to leverage the maximum money making power of our email lists
  • A simple step by step system that builds your list on auto-pilot
  • Unlimited traffic source that WORKS
  • Secret hacks that increase our open rates, resulting in even more commissions
  • How to make sure everything is set up so incredibly well, you earn while you sleep
  • 3 crazy hacks to get ChatGPT to do the work for you

Build Your Own Push Button Cash Machine!

Once you have your own buyers email list, you will notice an instant change in your life!

It literally is “push button riches”!

As affiliate marketers, we are always working on new ways to make more money, more effectively.  But nothing beats the power of writing a few lines in an email, then pressing a button and sending that email, fully personalised, to tens of thousands of people!

Until now, you probably thought you’d need to become a creator/vendor to achieve this.

But thanks to ListProdigy you can fast track yourself to success in no time at all!

And you end up with what could be called your own personal ATM cash machine! Ready to pump out money when you press the right buttons!

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See What Our Members Are Saying About ListProdigy


I spent 7 solid years miserably failing at this whole “make money online” thing. I lost thousands of dollars and in 2020, I maxed out my credit card. When I met Fergal, I was desperate. His methods are stupid simple… and they work! I made my first commission in my first day of starting. I finally tasted what it felt like to make money online. In 2020, I made $3,909 with Fergal’s method. Then in 2021, I brought in $10,125.67 in profit.

Mike Marino

I’ve gone through many of Fergal’s information products and have always got a huge amount of value from them. When I take action with the material, I always get excellent results. You can’t go wrong with any training he puts on the market.

William Weatherly

I really like Fergal’s courses. Everything he puts out is step by step, easy to follow training, and most importantly he always teaches systems that he actually uses himself, and uses successfully – no theory, just tried and tested methods that work.

Val Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this covered by a Money Back Guarantee?

A: Yes! You’re fully protected by our 30 days money back guarantee, if you don’t like ListProdigy for some reason or another, just send us an email and we’ll refund your money! There’s nothing to lose and all to win! So grab your copy now!

Q: Is this software?

A: No, this is a training product.  Video training in a membership site that will guide you step by step. Completely beginner friendly, non techie and super easy to get started.

Take Advantage of This Very Special Launch Period Discount. Pay Just Once for the Entire Collection


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