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By applying the strategies taught in MOBILEE you can see exactly how Jono and Jonas were able to run successful affiliate campaigns that ALL brought in several hundred dollars.


You can see in this screenshot that Jono was able to generate an eye watering 47.4% conversion rate on this campaign, ALL from his mobile phone WITHOUT a laptop.


Let’s Get Started with MOBILEE!

In this day and age, technology has finally moved on enough for us to take full advantage of the power in our pockets.

We have produced this case study based training to show you just what you can achieve WITHOUT all the usual stuff you might thing you simply “have to have” in order to be successful.

The fact is many people simply don’t have a PC or laptop, nor the funds to buy one.  And those who DO have a laptop or PC might not have the available time with that large piece of technology to getting any real results.

Now, most of us carry a smart phone with us these days right?  Well that is ALL YOU NEED to get started with MOBILEE!

Sad but True?

It’s a sad but true fact that over 90% of those who buy “how to make money online” training don’t actually take any action, and 95% don’t take enough action to get results.

However, with MOBILEE there are NO MORE EXCUSES!

Oh and if you need to contact us, all three of us, Jono, Trevor & Jonas will receive emails sent to mobilee@phlos.net

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Day 1

MODULE 2  – The Concept of the MOBILEE Strategy

In this video we start off ACTUALLY ON THE PLANE!

Jono explains the concept of the “business” while he is flying from Jakarta to Banda Aceh, at 25,000 ft in the air and on his mobile phone.

MODULE 3  – The Tools You’ll Need on Your SmartPhone (ANDROID)

Jono arrives at his destination, the tropical island to begin his holiday…and the MOBILEE case study training.

If you have an iPhone, Jonas covers that below.


WordPress on Your iPhone

Jonas covers the tools you need on your iPhone, and in particular, WordPress

Canva on Your iPhone

Jonas covers how to use Canva on your iPhone to create eye catching YouTube thumbnails for your review videos

MODULE 4  – Finding a Really Good Offer to Review

Swinging from his sea-view hammock, Jono covers how to find the right kind of offers to promote


Day 2

Module 5 – Intermezzo  (Jono’s fancy way of saying “a light dramatic, musical, or other performance inserted between the acts of a play” or in other words an opportunity to show off as he receives cash notifications LIVE outside his sea view cottage)

A sunrise time-lapse kicks this video off, as Jono shares his morning routine….turning his phone on to see his payment notifications as he gets money dropped directly into his Paypal account.

Getting Approved & Getting Review Access – Jonas Lindgren

In this video you will discover how to get approved to promote affiliate offers, and how to get review access.

Module 6  –  Island Hopping, Snorkelling…oh and Research for Your Reviews!

Researching the product your reviewing.  How to gather the crucial information that you need to put a successful review together.

Module 7  –  The Importance of Offering Bonuses

Researching the product your reviewing.  How to gather the crucial information that you need to put a successful review together.

Module 8  –  From a Deserted Beach Jono Covers How to Create Killer Bonuses

Bonuses are a crucial aspect of the MOBILEE strategy, and in this video you’ll learn how to get your bonuses spot on, to encourage high conversions

Module 9  – Making Your Review

Here you’ll learn how to make killer video reviews from your mobile phone.  Jono covers each aspect of this, step by step.

Module 10  –  Bonus Delivery

Live from a boat on the sea, Jono covers how to best set up your bonus delivery pages

Module 11  –  Uploading Your YouTube Video

With the sun setting in the back ground, Jono covers uploading your YouTube videos, naming the video, adding your links, descriptions etc, including a nice little hack to save time.

Day 3

Intermezzo 2  –  More Showing Off From Jono – Making Cash While He Lays in Bed! 😉

Another chance to see Jono pulling in the cash that has piled into his PayPal account overnight, literally while he slept!

Module 12  –  Creating Your YouTube Thumbnail

Creating the kind of thumbnail that people just HAVE to click on!

Module 13  –  Video SEO – How to Get Your Video to the Top of YouTube

Discover the secret sauce that will push your video reviews up to the top of YouTube

YouTube Ranking Method – Paid (but cheap!)

Master YouTube ranker Jonas Lindgren reveals his ninja strategy for ranking his YouTube videos.

Sending Emails With Aweber on the iPhone

Not got an android?  No problem!  Jonas loves an iPhone…

Emailing on the Go!

From an uninhabited island, Jono discusses emailing your list while you’re on the move.

 Module 17 – The Final Module

Jono walks in the warm tropical sea, with not much clothing, and brings the course to a conclusion.

Example of a Mobile Review

Here you get to see an actual example of a mobile review that Jonas recently did to promote Pinnacle

The Bonus Ending

Wiping sweat from his brow, Jono sits by the sea, checking his pots of gold…all amassed from his mobile phone.


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