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Bonus #1 (Value $297)

I’m going to give you an massive vault of my own, just for you!  Over 10 Hours of VIP Webinar Coaching Replays!

There are so many golden nuggets of wisdom in here you could call it a gold mine.  And as is the case with the Marketing Summit Vault, you only need one nugget to make a life changing difference.

Grab the Marketing Summit Vault through my link today and you’ll get all of these instantly!

Bonus #2 (Value $197)

Eight Affiliate Coaching Videos!  Yes, even more super insane value, as I give you a further 8 affiliate marketing coaching videos!


  1. Selecting Your Offer
  2. Top Review Tips
  3. How to Make Review Videos
  4. Optimising Your Videos
  5. Tracking What Works
  6. Super Fast Affiliate Commissions
  7. Scale Up With Funnels
  8. Ninja Emails

Bonus #3 (Value $77)

How to Generate Recurring Income…with no site…and no list!

You simply have to start generating a recurring income as soon as you can, and in this exclusive training I’m going to teach you step by step how to do that fast and easy, and without a website or even an email list!

No excuses! 

Bonus #4 (Value $77)

The Quickest Way You Can Earn Affiliate Commissions!

When I was starting out, I was desperate to make some affiliate commissions.  So I really get it.  I totally understand what it feels like to be making little to nothing online, and I really do want to help you!


Bonus #5 (Value $97)

How to Make Daily Cash from Your Mobile Phone!

How cool would it be if you could make daily cash using just your phone?  No laptop!

You could be anywhere in the world, doing whatever you wanted, and still pulling in the cash.


Bonus #6 (Value $97)

How to Make Daily Cash from Your Mobile Phone – OTO1 Advanced

I’ve even decided to through in the upgrade for this course for you as well, so you can learn the advanced strategies!

Bonus #7  (Value $67)

The Local Business Super Simple Arbitrage Strategy

This is a fantastic strategy that anyone can pick up and run with, right away.

You don’t need any previous experience whatsoever, and no techie skills.

Bonus #8 (Value $67)

Would you like to make a little cash on the side? Who wouldn’t!

Well now you can with this brand new and exclusive training course that I created especially for you.

It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before.

Bonus #9 (Value $197)

Super Affiliate University

OMG this training package is packing some humongous golden nuggets of wisdom, and is also yours free when you pick up the Marketing Summit Video Vault through this page today!

Bonus #10 (Value $67)

How To Make $329 A Day Using Google Docs

You will totally love this training.  I show you a real way to consistently generate over $300 a day online just from Google Docs!

Bonus #11 (Value $197)

High Ticket Sales Video Course!

I love high ticket sales commissions.  The difference in earnings is insane.  You make hundreds or thousands with just one sale!

Find out how you can get a piece of that action here!

Bonus #12 (Value $67)

How To Crush it on Clickbank

Do you earn consistent money on Clickbank?  Possibly not.  But it’s not rocket science, and I want to show you how in this exclusive training!

Bonus #13 (Value $197)

Passive Income 

Passive income is ultimately what we all dream of.  You do the work once and it keeps paying you time and time again.  How cool is that?

Sounds too good to be true…but it can 100% be achieved!  And in this full course you’ll discover exactly how/

Bonus #14 (Value $197)

Passive Income Upgrade

I’m even going to throw in the upgrade for this, so you can get our advanced passive income strategies.  The closely guarded secrets that we use to pull in money on auto pilot every day.

Bonus #15 (Value $97)

Creating Your Own Logos

In this easy to follow training, I show you how you can create your own logos and branding for products, bonuses, or any digital asset you want to “pimp”.  

Once you have this knowledge you won’t stop creating awesome masterpieces!

Bonus #16 (Value $197)

My Exclusive Video Training on Becoming a Successful Affiliate on Warrior Plus

Would you like to know how I pull in thousands every week on Warrior Plus?  Great!  Grab a pen and paper, pull up a seat and prepare to be blown away by this content, so you can do the same.

Bonus #17 (Value $97)

My Exclusive Fast Free Traffic Video Training

It’s the one thing we all need, right?  Traffic!  And in this exclusive video training I share with you my closely guarded secrets for generating insane laser targeted traffic to your offers!

Bonus #18 (Value $197)

Free Traffic Method

Need traffic?  Don’t want to pay for it?  No problem!  I have your back.  In this exclusive video training I’ll show you how you can get an avalanche of free traffic, with buyers eager for what you’re selling, so you can start raking in those commissions.

Bonus #19 (Value $97)

Super Fast Unique Content for Traffic

If you want to know my secret trick for creating unique content that brings me traffic and sales, then you want this trainings!

Bonus #20 (Value $197)

Affiliate Commissions Without a Website

I know you don’t all have websites, or even the desire to create one.  So I created this exclusive training just for you, to show you how to generate a ton of affiliate commissions, even if you don’t have a website.

My Insane Bonus Bundle Summary!  You Get ALL This FREE!


  1. 10 Hours of VIP Webinar Coaching Replays!
  2. Eight Affiliate Coaching Videos!
  3. Generate Recurring Income!
  4. The Quickest Way You Can Earn Affiliate Commissions!
  5. Make Daily Cash from Your Mobile Phone!
  6. Make Daily Cash from Your Mobile Phone – OTO1 Advanced!
  7. The Local Business Super Simple Arbitrage Strategy!
  8. Make a little cash on the side!
  9. Super Affiliate University!
  10. How To Make $329 A Day Using Google Docs!
  11. High Ticket Sales Video Course!
  12. How To Crush it on Clickbank!
  13. Passive Income Machine!
  14. Passive Income Machine advanced!
  15. Creating Your Own Logos!
  16. My Exclusive Video Training on Becoming a Successful Affiliate on Warrior Plus!
  17. My Exclusive Fast Free Traffic Video Training!
  18. Free Traffic Method!
  19. Super Fast Unique Content for Traffic!
  20. Affiliate Commissions Without a Website!

Strictly Time Limited Offer – These Bonuses Will be Removed Soon!

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