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Trevor Says…

Hey, it’s Trevor here. Hope you’re very very well. So, a quick review of my latest training program which is Mid Journey Magic.

Now, the reason I created this is because, I don’t know about you, but I can kind of smell AI. I keep seeing on my Facebook feed, for example, people that are posting images that they’re posting as if they’re real, but they’re clearly not. They’re AI.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some of these look good, but you can just tell, can’t you? You can tell they’re not real. So, I thought, let’s go and let’s create a training where I’ll make the most incredibly convincing photos and pieces of art, and give you the prompts and show you how to do that as well. So, you can literally copy and paste the prompts I use, and I show you how to do it step by step.

So, there’s a series of trainings inside this course and there’s documentation, so that you can go and see each one that I’ve made, and then you can copy and paste those prompts yourself, and you can do the same.

There are no upsells on this. So everything’s included in the front-end product. I know that some of you are kind of not too fond of upsells, and you know, I get that. I feel the same. You see a product, you think, “I do want it, but what if I get hit with an upsell and I don’t really want to spend that extra money,” etc. So, there are no upsells. The front-end price for this is just $47, and that’s it. And that gets you everything.

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