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What Is The Newbie Affiliate Playbook?


This step-by-step video training takes you by the hand and shows you the rarely understood secrets behind a successful affiliate promotion, and how you can boost your commissions to 5 figures every time.

It also includes the actual case study and product that Steve promoted to hit the leaderboard of one of the biggest launches of the year so far.

The system teaches a unique, value-based approach and is built to help newbies right through to experienced marketers to build better campaigns.

Here’s a list of what is actually inside…


Introduction Module

1 – Intro video from Steve
2 – Intro video from Paul
3 – Intro video from Richard


Lesson 1 – How To Find Guaranteed 6 Figure Leaderboards Module

1 – Video by Steve on how he finds good affiliate offers
2 – Video by Paul on how Richard & Paul pick their offers
3 – Paul’s rolodex of top 50 FB Jv Groups groups to join (2 x Free Downloads)


Lesson 2 – How To Get Review Access Module

1 – Video by Steve on what he did as a newbie to get accepted to promote offers
2 – Video by Paul on how we look at newbie affiliates from a Vendors perspective and what we are looking for, more importantly what NOT to do.


Lesson 3 – Do You Know Your Audience? Module

1 – Video by Steve
2 – Video by Paul about running surveys and learning what your customers want
3 – A Free copy of Richard’s ‘Survey Leads’ Software (Free Download)

“Survey leads” is our own WordPress plugin that we developed for our business and it lets you build surveys on your WordPress blog. Also collects the email and has different ways to send the surveys with multiple questions, audio and video included.


Lesson 4 – Adding Targeted Users To Your List Module

1 – Video by Steve on how he built his list from scratch to targeted people
2 – Video from Paul about the power of Contests & how we built up a list of 666,019 subscribers For FREE over a 5 year period by running contest.
3 – Paul’s rolodex of the exact 136 FREE traffic sources he used to build up the 666k subscribers (Free Download)


Lesson 5 – Positioning Module

1 – Video by Steve on Positioning


Lesson 6 – Maximising Opens and Clicks Module

1 – Video by Steve on what he did to maximize his opens & clicks
2 – 3 x Videos by Steve going through Richards Email List Studio software that they get FREE access to inside Newbie Affiliate System –
3 – Video by Steve walking them through Richards Email Domination Training course (84 More Videos in this section covering everything to do with Email Marketing)


Lesson 7 – Review Video Module

1 – Video by Steve on how he sets up & publishes his review videos


Lesson 8 Bonuses Module

1 – Video by Steve explaining how it’s better to create exclusive bonuses to increase your sales.


Lesson 9 – Webinar Module

1 – Video by Steve on how he utilized running his own webinars to the affiliate offer to make more sales.
2- Video by Paul on why everyone should be promoting webinars as an affiliate for mid-high ticket commissions.
3 – Paul’s rolodex of guaranteed approvals for 8 auto-webinars with Affiliate Commissions ranging from $148.50-$1929 per sale.


Tools & Resources Section

Links to tools & Resources we use + more free downloads.


Why This Is a Must Have For Everyone?

The course takes a unique angle from both the perspective of a relative newcomer, as well as two experienced product launchers.

This has never been done before on Warrior+.

If you’re struggling to take your affiliate campaigns to leaderboard level, you can copy the methods that are used in the Newbie Affiliate Playbook to make sure that you get the maximum return from your promotions.

It also includes choice softwares that are available to download, to speed up results even further.

Real Results Promoting One Of The
Biggest Launches of The Year

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Zero Buster 2.0 ($97)
How I Put Together My 5 Figure Promos ($67)
Top Secret Email Strategies ($67)
Top Secret Inboxing Strategies ($67)
Over 10 Hours of VIP Webinar Coaching Replays ($497)
The Affiliate Profit System ($97)
Headway ($197)
Headway OTO1 ($37)
Headway OTO2 ($67)
Headway OTO3 ($97)
Google Ads Training ($67)
Traffic From Chat Bots ($67)
The Best Free Traffic You Can Get ($67)
Solo Ads Training Webinar ($67)
Traffic Genie Video Training Course ($67)
Choosing a Product to Promote as an Affiliate ($67)
My Top Tips for Affiliate Reviews ($67)
Making Your Review Videos ($67)
Using YouTube to Make Affiliate Commissions ($67)
Tracking Your Affiliate Commissions  ($67)
The Quickest Way to Get Affiliate Commissions ($67)
The Easy Guide to Using Funnels for Extra Cash ($67)
Inboxing Secrets ($77)
Bring Your List to Life 1 ($67)
Bring Your List to Life 2 ($67)
Advanced Email Marketing ($77)
Email Marketing Power ($77)

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Let’s See What’s on Offer Here…


Front End Offer = Newbie Affiliate Playbook

The front end offer is a training course, case study with software included inside.

It has 20 videos and 5 downloads included.

Price $19.45


OTO1 = Newbie Affiliate Playbook – 4 x DFY Campaigns

4 DFY Affiliate Campaigns

DFY affiliate campaigns includes:
Four 6 figure offers available
Guaranteed approval to promote these products
The emails used in these promos
Bonus pages
DFY bonuses

DFY affiliate campaigns will contain everything you need to execute a successful affiliate promotion, even if you have no sales history or website.

Price $67


OTO2 = Newbie Affiliate Playbook – 5 Figure Campaign Framework

Take the exact email and webinar framework that Steve developed, taking him from newcomer to leaderboard status.

If you struggle with copywriting emails then this framework makes it easy to capture the attention of your audience, and gets them to buy again and again.

The webinar framework has been customized designed in partnership with a 7 figure marketer – to drive massive sales, even for people new to webinar marketing.

The 5 Figure Campaign Framework makes it EASY to earn big commissions promoting other people’s products.

Price $47


OTO3 = Newbie Affiliate Playbook – Resell Rights

The ability to resell the Newbie Affiliate Playbook and earn 100% of the sale.

Price $97


OTO4 = 1-2-1 Coaching

Sign up for 1-2-1 live coaching sessions with Steve, covering all levels no matter what stage your business is at.

In the coaching we will cover your current issues, and deliver an actionable plan in order to achieve your goals.

These coaching sessions usually sell for $497 but are available at a massively discounted rate inside the Newbie Affiliate Playbook launch.

Price $147


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