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  • 2D Animation Studio
  • Compositor 2.0
  • Screen Marker
  • SC Video Editor
  • Panorama Photo Stitcher
  • Audio Recording & Editing Software


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My Full Newscaster Vocalizer Text to Speech App Review, Bonuses & Upgrades


Here is my full review, complete with bonus details and the OTO’s

Newscaster Vocalizer Summary


NewscasterVocalizer is the latest in technological breakthroughs for Text to Speech, and delivers realistic sounding voices on demand!  So for the very first time ever, you can have not only the world’s most natural neural voice over, generated automatically with unheard before realism, but also there are newscaster style voices, which finally open ability to make newscaster videos to everybody.

Listen to Just How Realistic Newscaster Vocalizer is!

And Here is Sonya, With an Amazingly Realistic American Accent Voice

And Here is Mike, one of the Male Voices With an Amazingly Realistic American Accent Voice

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Bonus #1 Easy Web Builder Desktop App


Complete “What You See is What You Get” web creation system for Windows and Mac.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or previous experience to get the most out of this software.  Yours free when you buy NewscasterVocalizer through this page.

Bonus #2 2D Animation Studio


Creates film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork.  It eliminates the need to create animation frame-by frame.

For both Mac and WindowsYou can also re-brand it and sell. (You get complete source code too)

Bonus #3 Compositor 2.0


Best compositing software for Windows and Mac.

Private AND Commercial Use.

Bonus #4 Screen Marker


Onscreen Marker for Annotation, Presentation and Drawing

One tool…a million uses!

Bonus #5 SC Video Editor


For both Mac and Windows. You can also rebrand it and sell.  You get the complete source code too.

Bonus #6 Panorama photo Stitcher for Windows


With it you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.

For Windows. You can also rebrand it and sell.  You get the complete source code too.

Bonus #7 Audio Recording And Editing Software


An easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows and & Mac OS X (also includes source code)


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