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Harnessing the Power of Tik Tok, Mark Pulled in $300 in 7 Days from a Standing Start!


Imagine if you could get cracking on YouTube in 2005, when it started.

You’d be able to pretty much dominate your niche in no time.

Well Tik Tok isn’t much younger, it started in 2009, but (and this is a big but) using the strategies Mark teaches inside One Minute Magic, you can get insane results, just like you’d turned back time and started on YouTube again.

In 7 days Mark managed to get over 2,000 followers on Tik Tok, built his list and made over $300!

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One Minute Magic in a Nutshell


In a nutshell, One Minute Magic is a fast and easy strategy for cashing in on one of the hottest platforms of the moment, Tik Tok! And Mark Furniss has already built up over 2,000 followers on there, and has been pulling in affiliate commissions using simple videos (no face on cam) that are no longer than one minute long.

One Minute Magic is a full training course, written and recorded by the man himself, Mark Furniss, using a case study of what he ACTUALLY did, to teach you how you can do the same.


Actual Income Shots Made by Mark Using the One Minute Magic System for 7 Days

All you need to do is follow what Mark did, do the same, and hey presto!


 “This Sounds Great…but What is He Using?”


Well, The answer is TikTok…

Now – you might think it’s a platform where only youngsters goof off.

But it’s NOT. 

In fact, it’s 800M users strong with different walks of life.

This means there’s a lot of “cheese” to be made…

And Mark has figured out how to do exactly that.

You also might be thinking…


If It’s So Great,


Well, because most assume you NEED to show your face, have charm, or have a fun personality….but you DON’T!!!

And Mark teaches exactly that inside One Minute Magic!  You Do NOT Need to show your face…or dance….or be funny!


Module 1


In this module, we show you a quick overview of our special “one minute magic” method.

Module 2


Inside of this case study, Mark is going to reveal the steps he made $25 with every 60 seconds of work, and how you can replicate it

Module 3


This is where the money is made… Inside, we’ll reveal the steps for making an autopilot TikTok traffic stream.

Module 4


Time is priceless. Which is why we’re going to show you how to nearly automate the strategies inside of One Minute Magic

Module 5


I’ll show you all the steps you need in one placeto take in order to start getting traffic & sales

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Such Honest, Thoughtful advice. After losing way too much spending money on “programs”, and now you’ve given me ideas on how to hopefully pull some profit out of them! Thank you, sir!

Nicholle Bauer-Vannucci

Thank you so much for this very useful information! I always walk away from your videos feeling that my time with you was well spent and I am grateful not only for the information but for your willingness to share it in an easy to understand manner.
Again, thank you!

Dewayne Miles

Wow, you seem to have the type of personality that says, i want you to succeed. From the moment, i got on your email list, i try to open almost every email i get from you. Always resourceful and great ideas. Once again, wonderful information

Neil Morgan

Funnel Details

FE $12.95

This is a step by step over the shoulder video course, complete with case study to making money on TikTok very quickly, whilst making simple video clips (No need to be on camera or talking with this method)

OTO1 $37 Done For You MMO Videos

Users get 20 videos they can use straight away. Also comes with researched products for each set of videos with high ticket commissions and monthly recurring payments.

OTO2 $67 Hot Niches Outside MMO

This dives deeper into other niches and also includes products to promote and lead magnets. Other niches. Training. Where to get memes etc. Dog niche, sleep niche…

Numerous methods to create TikTok videos without being on camera or talking and full automation

OTO3 Licence Rights 100% Commission Bump $97

100% commission bump on the funnel (once the launch closes)



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