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If You’ve Been Aching to Get Started and “Pimp” Your Way to Success, But Keep Getting Side Tracked, This is the Perfect Solution for You

Fast Track Your Pimpr Business

I’ve taken SO much of the work out of your first Pimpr project for you, but offering for the FIRST TIME EVER, the PLR (Private Label Rights) to the very product that pulled in over $8k


Easy & Fast Access to the Videos

It couldn’t be an easier!  I give you the direct links AND the embed code for all TEN of the Easy Traffic Magnet videos.


Get Started in Minutes!

So what are you waiting for?  You could be up and running in minutes!  For a really simple solution, sell the training videos to your list now!  Then just send them the direct links that I’ll send you!

Easy Traffic Magnet Was a Huge Success

But of course I had to spend a good few hours putting the videos together!  But that’s where you get the BREAK!

Grab the PLR rights to the 10 Easy Traffic Magnet Videos and you will be ready to rock and roll!

  • Pre recorded videos – done for you and ready to use
  • No need to source PLR
  • No need to review, check, test and tweak
  • Be up and running in minutes
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You Could Be Looking At Earnings Like This…


The sooner you get started the better right?  But what’s been holding you back?  Finding the right product?  Making it “your own”?

Well there are NO MORE EXCUSES NOW! Take action NOW!

Full PLR Rights to the TEN Easy Traffic Magnet Videos ready to turn them into hard cash!


So you’ll receive the PLR rights to the ten Easy Traffic Magnet videos, which means as Private Label Rights you can do with them as you please, but most importantly when you sell them…YOU KEEP 100% OF THE CASH!


You get a PDF with the direct access links for each video, as well as the embed codes, so even that part of it has been done for you!


What’s more, you can sell this set of videos over and over again!  You only pay for the “stock” ONCE!  Yet you can sell it as many times as you want!  And YOU get to choose for how much!  Sell them for $97 at a time if you choose to!


Go Ahead Now and Lock in the Discounted Price Before it Rises!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q)  How do I get access to the videos?  A)  You’ll get a PDF document with access to each of the ten videos.  This will include the direct access links and the embed codes

Q)  What’s the easiest way (and quickest way) for me to make money from these?  A)  If you already have a list, you could send a sales email to your list, offering this course, and even send them straight to the direct access links of the videos!

Q)  But I’m a newbie!  What can I do with these?  A)  That’s one of the reasons that I decided to offer this.  As a newbie, you’ve just jumped most of the hurdles when you buy this PLR.  The videos have already been rewritten and re recorded!  You could even list them on a free blogging platform like Wix, and out together a simple sales page and download page – et voila!  You’re in business.



Q)  Do I have to pay any royalties or commissions? Are there any ongoing costs?  A)  No.  The purchase price is a ONE OFF.  You will not need to pay any more, and you get to keep EVERY SINGLE PENNY that you make

Q)  Can I burn them to a disc and sell them on sites like Ebay?  A)  Yes!  That’s one of the businesses that I’m in, as you would have seen in Pimpr.  That’s another great way to start earning some quick cash.

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