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The Full Video Above is my Full Proximity Review.  If You Just Want Details of My Incredible Bonus Bundle or the OTO’s, Upgrades etc, Then Please Check These Out…

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“Trev!” I hear you shout, “Why do we need Proximity? I thought the last product you recommended was supposed to be the business?!”


Well that’s a great question!  And one as always that I am eager to answer.

Ok so what is proximity and why do I believe this is a product that I think you should absolutely get. Well this is a never-before-seen method that will consistently bring you in what’s known as a passive income, which in case you are not aware, is income the continues to come in long after you’ve originally done the work.

Proximity is absolutely newbie friendly and you don’t need to have any skills or previous experience in order to get results with this product.

The product creators claim that you will get consistent results in as little as one day and you’ll also get completely free traffic from High converting industry-leading platforms and websites so you won’t need to use any paid advertising or ongoing maintenance.

So they are calling this a set and forget profit system which basically means that you just need to go and set things up one time and then you will continue to receive income passively there after.

Proximity is also very easy to scale and you can create as many profit engines as you want in just minutes so on that basis how many would you make?

They have a ton of proof that this really does work including real life case studies and results from complete beginners.

Now I have personally been speaking to Anthony over the last few weeks prior to the release of proximity and I’ve been asking him about the passive income that he continues to generate and whether or not he felt that this particular strategy was something that I myself to get involved with.

And you will no doubt be very excited to hear that he absolutely recommend this is something that I should get involved with and on that basis I am strongly recommending that you do too!


Paul and Anthony have come up with a system that does not use any kind of hacks on loopholes and will bring you profits with legitimate traffic in as little as a day from top platforms and high authority websites.


But the real beauty of this system is the fact that it’s so easy to maintain where is a lot of other methods mean that you need to  continually post all day long on blog comments social media and in forums this system is brand new and requires zero maintenance.

This brand new system has never been seen before and it will enable you to put your pages in front of visitors who are ready to buy immediately. But what these guys have done is instead of letting local businesses harvest all of the traffic and therefore people of the money themselves, they have developed a system they literally diverts that traffic to you and your pages.

So you get paid without even lifting a finger with the simple little pages that they show you exactly how to setup and will bring you multiple sources of income passively from a number of different income streams

This is a really exciting new strategy and will show you how to get traffic from hungry buyers people who are looking for things like restaurants, dentists, clothing stores, car repair workshops, gyms, yoga Studios, fitness studios and so much more

And you profit with monetize pages that share discount coupons and tips for getting the best deals at restaurants or information on dentistry or even the latest fashions and trends as well as things like car maintenance Guides and services

And you can achieve all of this even if you have no previous experience whatsoever and without using any paid advertising, and also without the need to create any products of your own


This is a very simple 3 step method as follows…


Step one, simply watch the over the shoulder video training at your own pace, play pause and rewind at a speed that suits you

Step two, copy and paste the winning strategies from inside proximity that will enable you to get your own proximity prophet engines up and running in about 60 minutes

Step 3, sit back as you enjoy free traffic and a passive income on a daily basis and then literally rinse and repeat in order to scale this business up!


Proximity – A Proven Method That Flat Out Works, And Will Pull in a Passive Income for You in Just 15 Mins a Day!

Bonus Bundles Left


Bundles Remaining

Your bonuses are ready and waiting for you inside Warrior Plus, but should you have an issues please send a copy of your receipt to with the word “proximity” in the subject line.

Just Take a Look at These Bonuses!  Yours FREE When You Grab PROXIMITY Through This Page!

This is a No-Brainer! Click the Buy Button Now!


Bonus#1 Exclusive VIP YouTube Ranking Training ($67)



As Proximity is all about generating income from FREE traffic, I thought I would spoil you rotten with this 8 x HD Video Training Course, YouTotal SEO.

This over the shoulder training package will show you how you can dominate the results on YouTube as well!

The perfect companion for Proximity and yours FREE today.


Bonus#2 Exclusive VIP ZeroBuster ($67)



I can’t believe I’m giving this away!  But I am when you grab Proximity through my link on this page.

ZeroBuster is my exclusive HD Video Training Package that takes you by the hand and leads you each step of the way of my career so far, so you can literally copy and paste what I have done!

I include a wealth of VIP content, including…

  • How I got started
  • Finding content
  • Branding
  • Creating ecovers
  • Your pages
  • Your leads
  • Warrior Plus

And much more!


Bonus#3 Exclusive 

ClickBank Marketing



And as if That Wasn’t Enough…You’ll Also Get Full Access to Clickbank Marketing Secrets!

With Clickbank Marketing Secrets you have the full training programme to fine tune your affiliate strategies on Clickbank!

And let’s face it, there’s never been a better time to start getting involved on Clickbank.

And of course you get the added advantage of knowing you are totally out of harm’s way when it comes to PP.

So for less than the price of a pizza you not only get the awesome Proximity, but you also get my huge bonus bundle that will help you to develop your multiple streams of income.


Bonus#4 Exclusive The Fastest Way to Affiliate Commissions



And the bonuses just keep coming!

In this exclusive video training I teach you the fastest way to affiliate commissions.  These are strategies that I myself use, and flat out work.

So if you are keen to start making some money as soon as today, you will be glad you got this bonus training, that’s for sure!



Exclusive Money Monstr Advanced (OTO)



Another Blockbuster from the Man Himself, Anthony Mancuso!

This is the OTO for Money Monstr, a hit product that myself, Paul and Anthony launched.

In this exclusive video training you’ll learn how to rank YouTube videos, how to 3x your profits, testing niches before going all in, and a lot more!



Exclusive Local Biz Website Doctor



Now this is one HOT bit of secret training I have to say!

What you learn inside here could change everything for you.  

Even though we are all using our mobile devices more than desktop and laptop computers to get online, there are still millions of websites that are NOT mobile friendly.  And with ever changing algorithms at Google, the owners of these sites are going to see a dramatic fall in traffic, which in turn will mean a dramatic downturn in business – and therefore revenue.

In this training I teach you an amazingly simple hack to cash in FAST on this opportunity!



Exclusive Ebay Strategy for PLR



Add Some More Income Streams to Your Business!

This is a business model that I myself used for many years, and it even enabled me to buy a brand new luxury pick up truck!

I reveal the exact strategy that I use that enables me to sell PLR digital products as physical products on Ebay!



Exclusive Ebay Dropshipping Arbitrage



And yet another income stream for you!

If you have a little spare time, this is a great little system, and can be the easiest way for you to start making money online.  The beauty of this strategy is you don’t get the goods that have been purchased until you’ve been paid in full.

Ebay is itself a huge marketplace.  This means you already have all the traffic you could dream of, hitting the website every single day.  All you need to do is discover products that are in demand, source them cheaply, sell them and pocket the difference.



Exclusive Niche Business Jump-start!



As you can see I am determined to over deliver here…

With Niche Business Jump Start you will discover the step by step process to setting up a brand new niche business from scratch and scaling it up to $10,000+ per month!






Passive Income



And to top this incredible bonus bundle off I have Ultimate Passive Income

As Proximity is all about passive income, I thought this would be the perfect partner to it!

You get 10 x HD training videos in this course, so by the end of this and Proximity, you should have everything you need in order to create a potentially life changing passive income!



OK, If You Still Haven’t Quite Decided if This Is For You or Not, Let Me Give You a Recap


Ok if you’re sitting on the fence and you’re really not quite sure whether or not you should grab a copy of proximity right now and let me give you a few good reasons as to why I think this is essential for you.

I’ve watched Anthony continue to pull in a genuine passive income over the last couple of years since I’ve known him and I’ve always been somewhat envious of the amount of spare time that he has even though he’s pulling in a substantial amount of passive income

Now passive income is literally the Holy Grail and the very thing that all of us marketers are looking for!

So when something like this which is fresh, brand new and really does work, comes along then I feel duty bound to bring this to your attention.

And to help you make that decision today I of course have my incredible bonus bundle which includes the following amazing bonuses for you absolutely free of charge when you grab Proximity through my page here today.


And the bonus bundle that you get FREE when you buy just the main product includes:



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