Pimpr Video Training Module


Congratulations on purchasing the Pimpr Video Training Module.  You can access your videos below.

Video 1: Introduction to Pimpr

Video 2: Income Proof

In actual fact…the figures were higher than in my video!

So here you can see the actual figure at the top was $8,694.99!  When I was adding them up I was looking at a different screen shot.  Even better! 🙂

Video 3: Pimpr and Me

Video 4: The 7 Simple Steps

Video 5: Find Your PLR Product

Video 6: Consume the Content

Video 7: Test It

Video 8: Tweak It

Video 9: Rebrand It

Video 10: Rebrand it -2

Video 11: Rewrite It

Video 12: Launch It

Bonus Video: Stealth Buyer & Affiliate Tap

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