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How to Qualify for the Rank Master Discount & Bonus Package


STEP 1:  Watch my video below and see if this is for you or not.  If you are not 100% sure, click through my link to watch Robin’s video where he shows you inside.

STEP 2:  Click on any of my gold buttons that say “Join Rank Master With $50 Off”

STEP 3:  On the sales page, click on the red button that says “Join Rank Master Now”

STEP 4:  On the Warrior Plus cart page, at the very bottom, hover over the round person icon and check that is says ref: 312584 (TrevorC)

STEP 5:  Check that your $50 has been automatically discounted

STEP 6:  Start the course and start ranking and banking! This is going to be awesome!


Make Sure You Are “Cookied” to Me


When you land on the Warrior Plus Checkout Page, scroll to the bottom and hover over the “person” icon and check that you see 31584 TrevorC.  If you don’t, then try right clicking my gold button (the Join Rank Master button) and select “open in private window” or “incognito” then click on the buy button to go through to the cart again and check.  If that fails, simply clear your cookies in your browser and try again.


Your Exclusive Rank Master Bonus Bundle


Bonus #1 – $50 Discount Applied Automatically on the Checkout Page

Bonus #2 – Robin Palmer’s Mirage (Newbie Method To Get PEOPLE GENERATING 100’s of Dollars From Other People’s Content WITHIN 24 HOURS

Bonus #3 – Gateway, Robin’s YouTube Ranking Course, Main Product and OTO1

Bonus #4 – Robin Palmer’s Secret YouTube Ranking Hacks


NOTE: There are NO Upsells.  Just Rank Master