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Here’s What You Get with Rank Vault…

✅ Keyword Research Module – it gives you 1000s of keywords that you can rank for
✅ Golden Keyword Module – from all the keywords that you found on the keyword research module, the golden keyword module finds the ones that are EASY to rank, so then all you need to do is pick those, create posts around the keyword…and RANK!
✅ Website Analysis – With our website analysis module you can analyze any website and find SEO critical points that may be preventing that site from ranking – so you can quickly fix those sites and start seeing results! You can do this for your own sites and for client’s sites! And charge a handsome fee!
✅ Backlink Maker – backlinks are actually still playing a huge role in SEO, so if you want to create backlinks to any site you’ll be able to with Rank Vault
✅ Rank Vault is hosted on the cloud and there’s nothing to install
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Check Out the Rank Vault Features


Keyword Research

Insert any keyword you want and RankVault will give you 1000s of keyword ideas that you can rank for…this is perfect for finding keywords that people are searching online, so you can get only the right ones that will give you free traffic from Google!

Golden Keyword

Our Golden Keyword module will allow you to insert all your keywords there and find the most easy ones to rank. This will literally find any keyword that is easy to rank for, keywords that you can use to rank without backlinks, yes, page 1 rankings without backlinks.

All you need to do is insert your keywords, our powerful technology will analyze all the keywords you want and give you a score on each one, from easy to hard.
So then all you need to do is pick the easy ones and enjoy page 1 rankings!

Website Analysis

RankVault analyzes any URL you want and shows you the most critical SEO points the site needs to fix in order to get page 1 rankings! Also you can then download a PDF report and send it to your client or use it yourself to fix the critical points and boost site rankings!

Create Backlinks For Your Sites

Create Unlimited Backlinks For Any Site You Want – Backlinks Helps on SEO and now you can create an unlimited number of backlinks to any site 🙂

Page 1 Rankings

RankVault is designed to get you page 1 rankings faster than any other software in the market – with all the tools you have inside, you’ll be able to get your first page 1 rankings just in minutes after purchasing it!

Cloud App

RankVault is a cloud based software and there’s nothing to install on your computer! You can access RankVault from any browser you want!

Free Commercial License Included

When you purchase today you’re getting a free commercial license, meaning then that you can sell SEO Services and turn this software into a 6 figures online business!

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What Are People Saying About Rank Vault?


With RankVault I can instantly find 1000s of keywords that I can use to rank on Google, the software is smooth, easy to use and brings results – page 1 rankings!

Marco Ghilardi

I had the opportunity to beta test RankVault – the software is just incredible, within a few hours I had been able to rank for profitable long tail keywords. The software just gives a ‘score’ for those keywords that are easy to rank for – then all you need to do is create a post around that keyword and rank, it’s that simple!

Vikram Firelaunchers

PLR Expert

Another high quality product from Luan & his team. A software that really works! If you’re looking for an amazing SEO software this is what I recommend, RankVault is an amazing software with EVERYTHING you need to rank inside one single place! Amazing job again guys!

Harumi Onomichi

Warrior Plus Vendor & Affiliate

Getting page 1 rankings without backlinks was a dream a few months ago. With the RankVault you can find the right keywords that rank and stick on Google and don’t need backlinks to rank, amazing app!

Peter Gowers

Digital Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a cloud app?

Yes! Rank Vault is hosted on the cloud and there’s nothing to install on your computer. You can access Rank Vault from any browser. Such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc!

Is there a guarantee?

You’re fully protected by our 30 days money back guarantee, if you don’t like Rank Vault for some reason or another, just send us an email and we’ll refund your money! There’s nothing to lose and all to win! So grab your copy now!

Is there training/support?

Yes, we included a full training on how to use each tool of the software!

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