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What is Stealth Cracker Elite?

Stealth Cracker Elite is a Full Funnel Commission Bump on 15 High Converting Offers.  So you Get 100% Commissions on EVERYTHING in the funnel…PLUS you get full access to the front end product for EACH of those 15 offers too!

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I wanted to create an offer that you’d feel silly saying no to…and this was the result!  It really is a total no brainer, as you’ll see if you watch the video above.

I’ve decided to open up a few more spots for Stealth Cracker Elite, and you may or may not have seen this before. So I’m gonna show you the potential here, or I’m going to show you how much you can earn. I’ve just put together a little spreadsheet.

Just in case spreadsheets look complicated, which I guess they can do, and they might not be your thing, don’t worry, this is not a complicated thing. What Stealth Cracker Elite is, is basically a collection of my highest converting offers that you get 100 commissions on everything for. So it’s a license to print money; it really is.

All right, now the purchase price for Stealth Cracker Elite is $297. You might think, wow, $297, that’s a lot of money. No, it’s not. It’s not a lot of money at all when you consider what you get here. You see, you get a commission bump on 15 of my offers, and that’s valued at $4,823. So you can see that this is incredible value for money.

But I wanted to just explain to you, you know, what the potential is and how this all works. So in a nutshell, what happens is you buy Stealth Cracker Elite, and then you go through to the instructions page, and that will tell you what you need to do, which is simply request your links with a special code. I verify your purchase, and I then go in and manually bump you on all 15 offers!  Super easy for you!

Those people that have done this have acted very quickly. I’ve bumped them, and they’ve started sending traffic and making money.

So this is like the closest you can get to having your own products but without having to create your own product. All right, so in other words, it’s like you suddenly got an empire of products where you didn’t have to create the product, you didn’t have to do the branding, the sales copy, you didn’t have to do the sales video, didn’t have to make the product or the members area, you didn’t have to do the support.

Everything is all done for you. All right, this is the most done-for-you you can get. All you need to do is give people your link; they go through, anything they buy, you keep all the money. It’s as simple as that; it’s bonkers.

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