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Bonus #1 (Value $297)

Get over THREE hours of VIP Coaching!

Yes, I have hand selected 3.45 hours of high end webinar coaching videos that reveal so many secrets from within our industry that you will be able to use in conjunction with your Stealthd campaigns.

Included in these calls:

  • Ninja Email Marketing Tactics
  • Email list cleaning & verification
  • Creating products
  • OTO’s what sort of products or services to offer
  • Launch jacking in 2019… is it worth it?
  • Putting bonuses together
  • Getting product approval and access
  • Preselling your affiliate campaigns

Bonus #2 (Value $97)

Guaranteed approval to promote one of my special “low barrier to entry” high converting offers.

This hand picked offer was converting insanely well, but I’ve slashed the price so you are almost guaranteed to get people into the funnel.

This means they can buy the training product for as little as $2.00, and then be presented with a high converting funnel that you’ll get commissions on!

This will enable you to make commissions faster than you ever thought possible!

I’ll even throw in my review video and bonus link for this too!

Bonus #3 (Value $197)

Live group coaching call with me!

You get a LIVE (and recorded replay if you can’t make it) VIP Coaching call with me.

On this call you can ask me anything you want.  Whether it’s about Stealthd or making money online in general!

Bonus #4 (Value $37)

Retargeting, and this is super powerful.

So I will give you my top selling retargeting program which will open your eyes to the enormous potential of this incredible strategy.

Step by step video training will guide you every step of the way.

Bonus #5 (Value $697)

4 of my high converting campaigns plus 4 full Bonus Bundles!

You get my review video to use AND my bonuses, including bonus access for your own use.

This bonus alone is worth you picking up Stealthd for, even if you already have it!

I’ve made thousands of dollars with these as you’ve seen earlier in this video, and I’ve NEVER offered this opportunity before.

This bonus is perfect if you want to hit the ground running and get some sales under your belt FAST, without even having to look at the product, or do a review!

Bonus #6 (Value $197)

Fiverr Done For You Bundle

Here you’ll get forty ever green Fiverr gigs that you can copy and paste…and then sell!

I include everything you need.  You’ll get the tag lines and you’ll even get the graphics!

Bonus #7 Seven Fast Cash Methods (Value $37)

Discover 7 Fast Cash Methods That You Can Start Using Today to Pull in $20 to $50 Per Day!

Bonus #8 Seven Fast Cash Methods  OTO1 (Value $47)

I’m going to throw in the OTO1 for this product too!  The advanced training.

Bonus #9 Seven Fast Cash Methods OTO2 (Value $197)

And I am throwing in the OTO2 for this product, Super Affiliate Training which includes 23 high quality training videos

Bonus #10 (Value $37)

How would you like a copy of my award winning training course Mobilee?

Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing  is included in this blockbuster course!

Bonus #11 (Value $67)

And you’ll also get the OTO1, advanced training.

Bonus #12 (Value $197)

Professional Email Marketing (Fifteen HD Training Videos)

Discover everything you need know about how to build a list and monetise it in order to generate a full time income

Bonus #13 (Value $197)

List Building & WordPress Masterclass

In this mega training course, packed with 24 HD training videos, you’ll discover everything you need to know about list building and WordPress, and combining the two for maximum success.

Bonus #14 (Value $27)

Flip $1 into $700 in 60 Minutes

Yes! You’ll also get my 60 Minute Flips training course that will give even a complete newbie a full introduction into the art of flipping domain names for fast cash.

Bonus #15 (Value $47)

60 Minute Flips OTO1!  

The Unfair Marketer’s Advantage is yours!  

Powerful strategies, including how my good buddy Lance flipped a domain in under 4 minutes!

Bonus Bundle Recap…

Bonus #1 (Value $297)

Bonus #2 (Value $97)

Bonus #3 (Value $197)

Bonus #4 (Value $37)

Bonus #5 (Value $697)

Bonus #6 (Value $197)

Bonus #7 (Value $37)

Bonus #8 (Value $47)

Bonus #9 (Value $197)

Bonus #10 (Value $67)

Bonus #11 (Value $67)

Bonus #12 (Value $197)

Bonus #13 (Value $197)

Bonus #14 (Value $27)

Bonus #15(Value $47)


Total Value $2,238 Real World Value

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Stealthd is the latest ads training product from Jono.

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Today I wanted to DOUBLE check that Jono really was using this system.  So I jumped on Facebook, and what you are about to see has not been shown before and will absolutely blow your mind.

Please do not share this information, as this was from a personal chat between me and Jono, but I do have his permission to share it with you!


Then Came the Big Boy Pic lol!


And it was at this very point that I suddenly realised the huge potential of this system.  It wasn’t a flash in the pan piece of BS, it was actually real.



But What About the Money? How Much Profit Did Jono Make?


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