Here’s How to Copy and Paste Your Way To A Six Figure Income ASAP With Our Proven Underground System!


If You Can Point and Click Your Mouse, Then You Have Everything That It Takes To Create An Amazing Income Stream With These Tested & Proven Campaigns

Underground Affiliate System Bonus Bundles Available

Underground Affiliate System in a Nutshell


What Is The Underground Affiliate System?

In a nutshell, it’s an awesome cloud based app, packed with pre-made, proven to convert affiliate campaigns, that you can tap into with a click of a button!

This means…

  • You don’t need to review the product
  • You don’t need to write a review page
  • You don’t need to record a review video
  • You don’t need to create a bonus bundle
  • You don’t need to create a bonus bundle access page

The system is built to help newbies right through to experienced marketers build better campaigns. Plug in evergreen campaigns that are proven to work and convert. Use our campaign builder to build campaigns and use our bonus vault to help those campaigns convert better.

Why This Is a Must Have For Everyone?

If you struggle to build affiliate, bonus or webinar campaigns quickly then this will help you get started. Use our evergreen campaigns or start from scratch. Use the bonus vault to make your offers stand out.

The front end offer will include 15 of our best campaigns to get the user started. They will also be able to build campaigns from scratch they are not tied to our campaigns.

Access to the bonus vault will be included which gives them access to 100 bonuses to choose from. All they need to do is to select the bonus and the system automatically create the graphic and delivery.

There is also api’s connections for all major autoresponders or direct form addition if no api is included.

We will include the gamification system as a bonus for this so the users can piggy-back of our funnels


Please Watch the Underground Affiliate System Demo

How Would YOU Like to See Results Like These?

Here’s What’s Included With The Underground Affiliate System

Everything you need to create and profit from successful campaigns are all included inside The Underground Affiliate System.

It’s as simple as picking from the campaigns included, adding your own details and you’re ready to start making sales.

All of these campaigns are proven and tested and they’ve generated funds. So this isn’t hype or theory. In a nutshell, they work.

Just take a look at some of the numbers from the campaigns you will see inside and you can use within minutes.

Do You Wanna See Mine? 😜

Take a Look at This!  I Created This FULL Review In 60 Seconds!  For Real!

Not only did I create this in just 60 seconds, there are a TON of BENEFITS for me when using this system.

You see I don’t even need to look at the product.  I don’t have to spend hours trawling through the content, testing to see if it works, and drawing my conclusions.

I don’t have to create a review video, and I don’t need to create the review page…well not the old way anyway.  Take a look at that page.  Can you imagine how long that would have taken me to create from scratch?

But because this is all done for me, I can literally knock these out in minutes!

Proven to Convert Review Pages & Videos

What’s more, I know that every single one of these WILL CONVERT!  All I need to do is send traffic and I’ll get sales.

And so can you!

Because these are created by Paul Okeefe and Richard Fairbairn, and because these are handpicked from their BEST converting campaigns of the year, and because they are earning a small fortune online…I KNOW these will work!



OTO1 = Underground Affiliate System Pro

This includes the full version so they get access to over 50 evergreen campaigns this means that they could run 1 campaign per week and we have doubled the amount of bonuses that they can use in the system

Price $67 Downsell $47

Another 40 DFY Funnels
100 more DFY Bonuses

Downsell we will take away the extra 100 bonuses

Hook for this run 1 campaign per week and the campaigns can be linked together inside the software.

OTO2 = Black Tie Bonus Club

We will be giving them 2 premium bonuses each month these are the ones that Richard has custom created and uses in his own bonus packages. They will also get the premium funnels these are ones that we have just created and are using.

Downsell we will take away the premium funnels

Price $97 and $9.97 per month Downsell $97

2 Premium Bonuses Per Month
2 Premium Funnels Per Month
Exclusive training

OTO3 = Underground Affiliate Template Package

The ability to resell the UAS system they will have 10 funnels created ready to go with custom bonuses for selling the system

Downsell will be 5 funnels

Price $37 Downsell $27

Give them the ability to drive leads into the UAS system in which we create a funnel reselling the UAS system they can then become an affiliate of the product which we have noticed a lot want to do when they purchase it.


OTO4 = Underground Affiliate Traffic Modules

Our traffic addon they get access to be able to promote the funnels they are creating direct from inside the system with prebuilt social campaigns. Including over 100 DFY social campaigns and graphics

As a bonus they will receive access to the content curation and backlink building software

The downsell we will remove the bonus

Price $197 and $9.97 per month Downsell $97

Our traffic module this will allow you to auto promote the funnels with our curation and auto posting app

The Crazy Thing is...I KNOW These Campaigns Will Generate Cash!  And They WILL for You Too!

Wow! Even More Amazing Bonuses For You When You Buy OMG Profitz Through This Page!

Bonus #1 Super Affiliate University $197


Never before released, this is access to full training on how I’d start again from scratch, including advanced OTO training too.

In this exclusive masterclass you will learn…

  • Starting Affiliate Marketing from Scratch
  • Your Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
  • Choosing a Domain
  • Researching Your Own Product Ideas the Easy Way
  • Rebranding
  • Creating Your Own Products
  • Creating Pages
  • The Final Steps


Bonus #2 How To Make $329 A Day Using Google Docs & Get Money For Free ($47)


$329 a day?  I bet that would help.  Well discover how that’s possible in this exclusive training by me “How To Make $329 A Day Using Google Docs & Get Money For Free”

Bonus #3 High Ticket Sales Video Course ($67)


You can make $10 per sale or you can make $1,000 per sale.  You’d think the higher ticket sales would be more work, but in fact they’re not.  Discover how in this exclusive video training.

Bonus #4 How to Crush it on Clickbank ($47)


There’s something about Clickbank that has always appealed to me.  But I’d always be looking at zero commissions in there.

Until I worked out a simple formula to pull in daily commissions.  Find out how you can do the same in this exclusive training.

Bonus #5 Passive Income Machine ($67)


It’s what I call the holy grail of internet marketing…passive income.

You do the work once, but you get paid over and over, without doing any more work!

Bonus #6 Passive Income Machine Advanced ($97)


Get the OTO advanced training.

It’s what I call the holy grail of internet marketing…passive income.

You do the work once, but you get paid over and over, without doing any more work!

Bonus #7 Creating Your Own Logos ($67)


You might wonder why you would benefit from being able to create logos?  Well this branding is very important when it comes to increasing the value of your bonuses, and once you have done it a couple of times the way I’ll teach, you’ll be creating your own with ease.

Bonus #8 End Game Vault ($197)


Access the entire End Game vault, packed with VIP webinar replays by me, Trevor C, Jono Armstrong and Jonas Lindgren!

Everything you could ever wish to know about affiliate marketing is inside this vault, and now selling at $197, you get it for FREE!

Bonus #9 Video Wizard ($197)


Video Wizard includes everything you need to start creating killer content today!  This brand new membership site has over 70 videos on…

  • How to Market on YouTube
  • How to Create Killer Video Content
  • How to Create Video Sales Letters
  • And Much Much More!


All Your Bonuses are Ready and Waiting for You Inside Warrior Plus But ONLY When You Buy Through This Page


Q) OK, this all seems a little too good to be true, so I need to get some clarification here Trev!  Exactly what do I get if I only buy the main front end product?

A) You get all of the bonuses listed above AND MORE!


Don’t Hang Around! I Only Have 100 Bonus Bundles Available!


How to Make Sure You Get My Bonus Bundle


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