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What Is Vid GPT?


In these last 3 months…

I’ve made over $300,000 with AI. But..

Something VITAL has evaded me – YouTube!

That’s why I’ve spent the last few months working on a new YOUTUBE AI.

A way to actually create complex, “human-level” videos that get AUTOMATED FREE TRAFFIC FROM YOUTUBE – and do it with absolutely zero human interaction.

In fact, we simply let Chat-GPT and YouTube chat to one another and the end result is FREE CLICKS from the #1 buyer pool on the planet (yes, even in 2023, YouTube is still the biggest referrer of WARM buyers, since video can pre-sell people even better than Google itself)…

> ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE YOUTUBE AI Software (Chat-GPT Powered) A single software tool which connects to both YouTube + Chat-GPT, initiates a two-way conversation between them, and in the end creates a perfect HUMAN-LEVEL video, for any keyword, topic or affiliate program…

> ALL types of videos *CRUSHED* The main issue with YouTube is the complexity of video creation. That’s why this single app does EVERYTHING from script creation, voice, videos, slides, images, rendering. All you need to do is click a few buttons and a PRO-LEVEL video is made. $500 videos.. on tap with AI!

> YouTube Affiliate Promos *CRUSHED* In our testing, the most profitable video type we’ve found are affiliate review videos, which is why we’ve included a third AI which auto-extracts screencast images of sales pages (and upsell pages!) we’re promoting – then uses these as slides inside our videos. The videos AUTOMATICALLY include a mixture of these …

> Time To Get YOUTUBE BUYERS Now we have our video prepped (with script, voice, royalty-free videos, screencast images and text slides), we simply click once and it’s auto-generated for YouTube (or publishing on any website)… and then we repeat this over and over for ANY keyword, topic or affiliate program. NO EDITING required. Bottom line, the WHOLE thing runs on auto with ZERO human intervention

> AI Training Videos As well as the 3-in-1 software, we’re also including training videos, PDFs, DFY keywords and much more! This thing is next level!

In short, if you “know” that YouTube is a mega traffic source, but just haven’t been able to crack the code, then THIS is the app you need to make it happen…


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Insane DOTD, top-selling Chat-GPT app. Run 30x prompts to create high-paying Internet assets. Includes PRO upgrade. Over 1,500 sold. Total RRP $60

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#5 Doc Dollars
Website-building software that builds “D4U” affiliate bonus/review sites, with proven pre-built reviews (either grab all the top affiliate promos for 2021 – or add new ones – simply by copy-pasting from docs into this strange new software), PLUS full hosting, a huge untapped traffic source…and drives free traffic with 40x built-in social shares! Includes “pro” upgrade with 30x campaigns (2,000 sold!)

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