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Yes! I’ve done it again! I’ve just recorded a brand new training video for YOU, that you can only see if you grab 7k in 7 Days through my link!

In this training I show you how you can use Ali’s 7k strategy to pull in cash WITHOUT your own products, WITHOUT needing approval to promote. WITHOUT a list, and WITHOUT paying for traffic.

Watch me live as I choose a high converting offer, get my link, create my graphics, choose the sales copy and send FREE instant traffic!

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One thing we all need in this business is TRAFFIC!

Without traffic you are dead in the water. Which is why I put together this exclusive traffic training course for YOU when you grab 7k in 7 Days through my link!

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To totally EXPLODE your income, you need a vital ingredient…a funnel!  And they’re not as complicated as you might think.

If you don’t have a funnel in place, you are leaving money on the table every single time.  So this training will show you how you can massively multiply your earnings by having funnels in place.

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In this training I show you how to massively propel yourself in the world of affiliate marketing.

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In this ENORMOUS course you get 22 training videos AND a cheat sheet!

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Bonus #6 – Affiliate Marketing Video Training

In this exclusive course you get 5 top pro tips for making it as an affiliate marketer.

Combine this with what you learn in 7k in 7 Days are you are on to a real winner!

Bonus #7 – Product Creation Video Training

Imagine if you could churn out your own high quality products on demand! You wouldn’t have to pay for them, and you keep ALL the money you ever made!

Well in this EXCLUSIVE training I show you the super FAST and EASY way to do exactly that!

Welcome to my review of 7k in 7 Days

Quick, Thorough & Honest Review – Packed With Bonuses!

As always I have spent a good few hours going through this product to make sure it meets my criteria to promote!  And I’ve also put together one of the best “spoil you bonus bundles” you’ve seen this year from me!

So is this for you?  Well I certainly think so!


A simple concept – thoroughly explained

Ali has come up with a winning formula, there’s no doubt about that! And what I really like is he actually made WAY more than 7k!
Using this strategy he was able to pull in over $70,000 in total!


Applicable to any level

What’s more, you can run with this if you are a complete newbie, an intermediate, or an expert!
Which is why I will be implementing this very strategy myself. And I’m genuinely excited by the results I know I will get.


A very professional ebook

First off, let me tell you this is no “typical ebook”. It’s extremely high quality, and in depth. Which is why Ali usually charges $47 for it.

But during the launch you can use the special coupon code to get 85% off!
Bringing the price down to just $7.00!


What You’ll Discover in This Training


The System

Ali reveals exactly what it is that he does in order to pull in HUGE sums of cash with no list. No product and no ad spend!  And he does this in as little as  week (er hence the name of the product lol)

The How

He then reveals his “secret” hack that is priceless, yet so simple. And can be implemented within minutes by YOU!  So you can get cracking with this minutes after you press the buy button.

The What

Finally you will discover just what you have to do…step by step, in order to copy and paste Ali’s success.  He doesn’t leave anything to chance in this comprehensive training.

This is a total no brainer at $47.77

Ali not only covers the whole 7k strategy, but in this video training upgrade you get a whopping 39 videos!

You will discover EVERY SINGLE ASPECT…

I am blown away by this section, and if I didn’t have it in my member’s area, I’d be disappointed.

You don’t need it, but you will be SO glad you got it!  Trust me on this one, if you only get 1 of the OTO’s, make it this one!  (Well and OTO3 lol!  That one as well is incredible)

This OTO is $27.77

To be completely honest, if you like the look of this, go for the downsell at just $17.77 because as far as I can see you get the same amount!  But don’t tell anyone I told you that!

These are the Profit Templates.  They are 15 Done For You templates in txt format, ready for you to literally copy & paste.  So, very easy to implement, and they take away the guess work when it comes to implementing the strategy.




OTO3 is just $17.77

This is by far the most unbelievable OTO I think I’ve ever seen!

4 Weeks Live Coaching!   No brainer alert! What is Ali thinking???

4 weeks coaching for $17.77?

Just grab it!



So there you have it! My review for 7k in 7 days by Ali Chowdhry


This product is an absolute steal with my COUPON CODE of special2018 which takes it down in price by a whopping 85% to just $7.00!

I thoroughly recommend this product and the system…and my SPOIL YOU BONUS BUNDLE is SO amazing you just need to buy 7k in 7 Days now for the bundle alone!



  1. Patti

    Trevor I am trying to buy this but my Avast security keeps rejecting the site, saying “it could have harmed my computer”. I can’t get near the buy button through your link.

    • Trevor

      Hi Patti. I’ve sold a lot through my link. And I can assure you it won’t harm your computer. Please try again, or try another browser.

      • Patti

        Yep, it turned out to be a bug, now removed! It was masquerading as a Windows message saying that “my operating system was about to expire” and requiring “activation through my organisation.” Before it disappeared I saw it was some kind of PUP. Sorry to have bothered you!

  2. Afina


    I am sorry that I didn’t get anything done yet….I had a bad fall and hurt myself a lot….I am on extra morphine right now….
    I hope to get to it soon.

    Kind regards, Afina

    • Trevor

      Oh dear Afina! Wishing you well very soon.
      Kind regards

  3. Larry Uwajeh

    hey Trevor..Can it work if you are from africa?

    • Trevor

      Hi Larry. I can’t see any reason why not?
      All the best

  4. Tony

    Hi Trevor

    I sent over a email with a copy of the receipt to receive the bonuses haven’t heard from you yet.

    Thank you

    • Trevor

      Hi Tony. I don’t have any bonus requests with the email tonymatos5050@gmail.com ? Could you check and resend please? Many thanks, Trevor

  5. Shelley

    I’m buying this because of your thorough review and especially because of the bonuses you are offering personally. I really look forward to your training.

    • Trevor

      Thanks Shelley 🙂

  6. Dennis

    Hello Trevor,
    I just learned about this course today and was wondering if your bonuses were still available. Are they still available? If so, is there a different link I need to click on to make certain I receive them? Also, how will I get my hands on your bonuses? Thanks for the great review of this course Trevor!

    • Trevor

      Hi Dennis. Sure, just use my link on this page then drop me a line at bonusclaim@phlos.net with a copy of your receipt, and the words 7k bonus claim 🙂


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