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Bonus Bundles Left Out of 75

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My Insane 17 PRODUCT “Spoil You Bonus Bundle”!


Prepare to to be SPOILED TOTALLY ROTTEN with this, my Spoil You Bonus Bundle to beat all bundles!


BONUS #1 Trevor C’s Pro Tip for Reviews

As a successful affiliate marketer, constantly hitting the top of the leaderboards, and known as “the conversion king”, I share my top pro tips for your affiliate reviews in this exclusive training!


BONUS #2 Trevor C’s Pro Tip for Audio on Your Reviews

Think you need fancy equipment to sound like a pro when your record review videos?  Think again!  I show you a way that you can get a really decent sounding HD mic for peanuts!


BONUS #3 Trevor C’s Pro Tips for Affiliate Approval

Getting approved to promote affiliate products is one of the hardest things when you first start out.  You see, it’s a vicious circle!  You can’t get approved because you haven’t made enough sales….and you can’t make sales because you can’t get approved!


BONUS #4 Trevor C’s Pro Tips for Max Organised Profits

When it comes to pulling in the cash each month, it pays to be organised.  But just how do you do that quick, and effectively?  All is revealed in this training!


BONUS #5 Trevor C’s Pro Tips for Facebook in IM

These tips for using Facebook with Internet Marketing have the potential to explode your online commissions.  If you are serious about making money online, you need to see this!


BONUS #6 Trevor C’s Pro Tips for List Building Fast & Easy

The money is in the list!  A bit of a cliche, but totally true.  Discover my pro tips for fast and easy list building in this training.


BONUS #7 Trevor C’s Pro Tips for FREE Traffic that Converts

We all need traffic.  Without it we don’t stand a chance of making a single penny in commissions.  But what about FREE traffic that actually CONVERTS into sales and makes you cash in a flash?  All is revealed in this bonus training!

BONUS #8  4 Lucrative Internet Business Models

Four low-cost, high profit Internet Business Models you can easily set up and monetise within days!


BONUS #9  Copyrighting for Faster Success

Discover How To Become More Of An Influence In Copywriting And Make More Sales!


BONUS #10  High Ticket Heaven – 10 Training Videos

Get instant access to 10 HOT, over-the-shoulder, step-by-step videos.  How to create and sell your own high ticket products!


BONUS #11 Traffic Authority – 8 Part Video Course

Discover the blueprint to getting more traffic to your site and increasing your profits.


BONUS #12 Create & Sell Your Own High Ticket Products!

You only need to sell a few of high ticket products each month to pay the bills so why not make one of your very own?


BONUS #13 FB List Build Plugin

WordPress plugin built to manage your Facebook Leads like a PRO


BONUS #14 Content Crazy!

40 Videos on How to Get the Same Content out to Thousands of Visitors (yes FORTY videos!)


BONUS #15 Viral Buzz Boom!

Tap into the power of viral buzz to explode your business and also learn the pitfalls of viral marketing and how to avoid them!

BONUS #16 Mastering Bing Ads Fast!

Discover the fast, cheap and easy way to conquer Bing ads and drive traffic on demand


BONUS #17 Lindgren’s Lazy Method

One of my favourite courses of the year, from my buddy Jonas.  The entire course is yours for FREE!


To qualify for ALL 17 of the bonuses above, all you need to do is buy High Ticket Cash Machine Through my link!



Bonus Bundles Left Out of 75

Grab Your Copy of High Ticket Cash Machines as Soon as Possible to Get the Very Best Deal…and to Lock in my Bonus Bundle!

Welcome to my review of High Ticket Cash Machines


Quick, Thorough & Honest Review – Packed With Bonuses!


As always I have spent a good few hours going through this product to make sure it meets my criteria to promote!

And I’ve also put together one of the best “spoil you bonus bundles” you’ve seen this year from me!


But first…is this for you?


At first glance you might be thinking “Hey Trev, I’d be happy selling low ticket or even mid ticket, let alone high ticket!”

And I hear you!  I thought the same…until I started working through this course!

And boy, was I wrong!


Yes it’s for you!


And here’s why…

It’s NOT rocket science…at all!

In fact this course makes MORE sense than most things I’ve looked at recently!

And I am SUPER EXCITED by it!

A tell tale sign is if I can’t get my review done because I start implementing the contents of the course!


Launch Date: Monday 11 December 2017

Launch Time: 10am EST (3pm in the UK)

Early Bird: $16.95 (5 hours from 10am to 3pm EST)

The price will then rise steadily until it caps at a maximum of $27.00

Trev! What even is “High Ticket Cash Machines”?


Glad you asked 🙂

It’s a brilliant training course that comes with a really useful Rolodex and a special “celebrity” interview.

If you can promote a product and earn $5, why not do the same work and earn $500?


1,000 sales paying $10 each or…

Just 10 sales paying $1,000 each?

It’s the same process

And it’s the process I use to earn $10k per month, but mine is a mix of low, mid and high.

But this course has been a REAL EYE OPENER for me, and will be for you too.


As you know, I like to take away any pressure that you might feel during the buying process, but exposing the funnel (OTO’s) before you go in.

OTO1 – $37

Follow Up and Email Marketing

We show you how to 5x or 10X your income by:

How to follow up a lead

How to build trust with your list

Email Follow up sequence examples for leads

Email Follow up sequence examples for customers

Why and how you should segment your list

Broadcast emails and how to increase open and click rates

How to split test and optimise emails for greater engagement.


Million Dollar Interview With Richie Nolan

Richie was the sales manager for one of the biggest Internet Marketers in the world and was responsible for closing multiple millions of dollars in high ticket sales over the phone.  

This shows how he closed multiple 7K sales over the phone.  The exact script and funnel used to make over which $100K monthly and over $1.3M Yearly.

OTO 2 – $197

3 Done For You Campaigns

“Incredible value here. Customers will receive highly optimized, not one but three done-for-you campaigns in high paying niches.”

“The DFY campaigns consists of keyword research, top paying recommended products, squeeze pages, thank you pages, multiple email follow ups as well as giveaway product, so they can profit instantly. All they need to do is edit, upload and send traffic. These top quality DFY campaigns are like no others in market.”

Trevi Tip: Make 1 commission and you’ve paid for this OTO


  1. coco

    OK, I bought. Send me the Bonuses or tell me where to email my PayPal receipts. Thanks!

  2. Trevor

    Hi Coco. Congrats for getting in before all the bundles went!

    To claim, please send an email to with the words HTCM bonus claim and a copy of your receipt showing me as the affiliate.


  3. Fred Johnson

    I bought the FE here is my receipt

    Transaction Id: AP-1YD72478UY6601045
    Date: Friday 15th of December 2017 07:29:19 PM
    Product Name: High Ticket Cash Machines
    Price: $17.67
    Seller: Gary Alach
    Status: Paid
    Affiliate: Trevor Carr
    Affiliate ID: 309293

    • Trevor

      Hi Fred. Thanks very much. I’ve emailed you the enormous bonus bundle 🙂

      All the best


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