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Project Profit Academy Is The Fastest Way To Make $10,000 A Month


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Project Profit Academy

Project Profit Academy

Project Profit Academy Is The Fastest Way To Make $10,000 A Month

Done For You Profit Funnel (Value: $24,997)

This funnel is optimized to bring in $1,000+ commissions on autopilot.

All traffic sent to the funnel will automatically earn you commissions on autopilot for months. This funnel targets the “right” paid offers which you receive 100% commissions on.

On your behalf, we will deliver $1,000 commissions, even while you’re sleeping. Many PPA members are getting these kind of commissions into their accounts daily.

So you can make money without creating your own products, without writing your own emails and without doing any work related to the funnel yourself.

This is ready to go immediately when you join today.

Brendan Mace’s Coaching Training (Value: $4,997)

This is the series of video trainings I usually give to my high end coaching students to learn what I do to make money online.

I have left nothing out of this one. I’m telling all of what I know.

Every single “trick” or “shortcut” is unveiled. It literally is “everything think I know” to build my $40,000 per month business.

I want you to feel like you have enough knowledge at your disposal to make $10,000 a month… And until you do, I’m not allowing you to buy ANY other training or course.

No more spending money on information-products. This is the ultimate course.

My Highest Converting Landing Page (Value: $297)

Every email-marketing business starts with a landing page (where people give you their email addresses.)

The truth is: Most people will NOT give you their email addresses.

That’s why you can not mess with your landing page.

The difference between a business with a landing page that converts at 25% and another one which has a landing page converting at 50% is the latter will make DOUBLE the money.

Double the leads = Double the money.

I’ve been doing this since 2011, I’ve tested every kind of landing page you could think of.

I’ve found one template that converts BEST for me across the board on all of the traffic sources I send towards it.

You get to use and copy my landing page today when you enroll in Project Profit Academy.
Lifetime Membership To My Campaigns
(Value: $497)
What is “my campaigns,” you ask?

It’s simply my monthly recurring membership site where I give the members professionally-written swipes created by my copywriter which I send out to my list.

These are the same email swipes that make me a big part of the 26K/month in affiliate promotions.

I can’t risk having bad swipes in my business. I need to optimize every word and every promotion.

You get to copy my campaigns which include:

– 5 Emails
– 2 Facebook posts
– 1 Custom Bonus page

For EACH promotion I put up on the membership.

This membership is usually updated every week. Every promo lasts for 5 days on average.

You get to literally copy my affiliate marketing business. And you’re 100% legally authorized to do so.

I’ve previously launched this membership and we currently have over 1,000 active paying members.

As a Project Profit Academy member, you get to have a LIFE TIME membership in Six Figure Swipes. So if you’re already a member, you can cancel your subscription. We’ll set you up with a lifetime account 🙂

If this is your first time seeing this, then you’re in for a real treat because this is worth over $497 for a lifetime membership. Save $500 by joining Project Profit Academy right now.
License to use ANY email I send out to my list
(Value: $3,997)
Of course I don’t include EVERY SINGLE EMAIL that I use in Six Figure Swipes. I have my private ones that run different offers and may just send people to my 41,000-subscriber youtube channel.

This is your license to copy any email you see me sending to my email list.

I mean, ANY one of them.

I know that you respect intellectual proprety and you would never use my emails without use.

But I also know there are 2 people reading this right now who will do it anyways.

For the 2 of you who want to copy my emails without this license, I have lawyers who will track you and take you down with a 5 figure fine before I could stop them.

For the rest of you, you get to copy any of my emails as Project Profit Academy member. This is easily worth $4,000 because these emails build up the trust and relationship I have with my subscribers which get them to buy from me and not from anybody else. These emails are the reason why I make 26K a month. It’s because people trust me. And trust is very hard to build and maintain. So one may argue these emails are worth even more than $4,000.

You get license to copy and use any of my emails in your email promotions as well as a Project Profit Academy member.
ALL Of My Past & Future Products (Value: $997)
I regularly release products in warriorplus and jvzoo at price points between $4.95 – $17.

You’re on this page which means you’ve bought one of them.

I’m treating my Project Profit Academy members by free access to all of my product launches which are under $50.

Yeah, going forwards, you are in my inner circle and you get them free as soon as they’re available on the marketplace.
Bonus Vault (Value: $997)
The bonus vault is a secret gallery that few people have access to.

The bonus vault contains high quality courses and interviews and trainings created by industry experts such as Michael Cheney, Dalton Scott, Ben Martin, Brendan Mace, Riley Hunter… and others.

This secret bonus gallery is being updated regularly with new bonuses.

What’s the use of this?
I use these bonuses in my promotions. Every. Single. Time.

Why do I use them?
Because bonuses help me make triple the money as an affiliate if I were to do a promo without any bonuses.

How is this different from PLR Bonuses?
These aren’t PLR trainings. They aren’t available anywhere for free. And even you don’t get any rights to give them away for free.
These are high quality trainings made by industry experts that are only available to myself and my associates and a few of my customers.
You only have rights to give these away as a bonus for an affiliate promotion for a product that’s being sold at $5 or higher.

Giving this away (even at $1,997) actually hurts my business because it puts these same unique bonuses in the hands of other people.
But since you will be joining my Project Profit Academy inside circle, you will be treated differently. You get everything. Everything.
Facebook Community Group (Value: $500/Year)
We’ve created a facebook community group ONLY for project profit academy members. This allows you to connect with like-minded people as hungry for success as you are.

They say: ‘Your network is your net worth’

This group may help you connect with someone who will be a 6 or 7 figure marketer in a few years and that connection will be so powerful for your business and your life.

This kind of community is worth $47/month which is just over $500 a year.

LIVE Q&A Webinars (Value: $2,997)

You will definitely have questions in your path to success.

We’re going to be doing a few LIVE Q&A Webinars for you guys to answer your questions and even teach you new tactics that you request in the facebook group.

This will be a unique chance to get your problems solved on these live calls.

And since this is a $1,997 product and it’s our first releasing this to the public… There wouldn’t be a 4-hour waiting line to get your questions and problems answered.

So these webinars will be a great opportunity to move past hurdles in your business.

My Highest Converting Landing Page ($297 Value)
Done For You Funnel ($24,997 Value)
Lifetime Membership To Six Figure Swipes ($4,997 Value)
License to use ANY email I send out to my list ($3,997 Value)
ALL Of My Past & Future Products ($997 Value)
Brendan Mace Coaching Training ($4,997 Value)
Bonus Valut ($597 Value)
LIVE Q&A Webinars ($2,997 Value)
Facebook Community Group ($500/Year Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $44,376

I actually want you to succeed because I love hearing my students saying good things about my programs when I’m not even around.

AND I want YOU to be one of the testimonials I’m putting on the sales page.

Speaking about that…

I’d like to let you know that the $1,997 price is only available for a limited amount of time.

I want to get a limited number of beta testers. Close the offer. Then re-open it with a bunch of success testimonies at $2,997.

Next time, when others will see all of the success stories of newbies going from zero to quitting their jobs, and a 3K price tag, they would have WISHED they have taken this opportunity today and saved $1,000.

But of course you know that $1,997 is a steal compared to the $20,879 value you are receiving here today.

Secret of trade: I’ll keep on doing this a few times. So don’t get shocked if you would see a $4,997 price tag on this same product in a few months.

Honestly, $1,997 is a total STEAL today.

I’m handing you everything I do on a daily basis to make $26,000 per month.

This alone is worth over $260,000 per year for myself and can be the same for you too.

The question becomes:

Would you trade $2 for $260?


That’s the same thing you are doing right now.

Add to that, you’re saving your self the hassle of repeating that transaction 1,000 times… Do it only one time by clicking on the buy button below.

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